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DK Live & In Person – Summer 2017 Events

Despite what’s being reported on the news and lamented on social media sites, we’ve just entered a new Renaissance period. The (r)Evolution is real and it’s happening right now! In my live events I use storytelling, humor, astrology, music and shamanic wisdom to inspire you and your community to come together and write a new story about your life and your world.

Come see me at these upcoming events or find about hosting me in your community.

Ancestors Workshop & Ritual

Thursday, June 29
7-9 pm
SOMA Studio of Movement Arts
 Р218 N. 4th Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI

Experience simple ways to reopen communication with helpful ancestors and participate in a personal and collective ancestral healing ritual with the intention of clearing trauma patterns. With Dr. Diana Quinn. Pre-registration is required to reserve your place. For more information, visit drdianaquinn.com/events or contact Dr. Quinn at drdianaquinn@gmail.com or at (734) 221-0225.

Epigenetics & Ancestors Workshop

Saturday, July 1
Noon – 3:30 pm
The Boston Tea Room, 224 W. 9 Mile Road, Ferndale, MI
Fee: $60

Spaces are limited! Find out more about this experiential workshop or reserve your place: spot visit http://bostontearoom.com/classes/ or call the Boston Tea Room at 248.548.1415

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Gretchen Ryan says:

    When you organize your trip to the west coast, I hope Los Angeles will be a stop. I would love to meet you, whether it’s for a workshop and/or a reading.

    • B3ltran says:

      Hi Gretchen,

      Cool! The Mercury Rx brought my long-distance planning brain to a complete halt. But going to start looking at dates for California in the fall. Looking forward to meeting you and LA is definitely on the list.

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