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Registration for the live webinar series is closed. (It will be released as a self-guided video series in the fairly near future. You can sign up for my email list in the right sidebar to receive updates.)

This framework for re-visioning your life and what you can do in the world has been so powerful for us. Our desire is to share it with the people who will actually use it to rewrite their life stories and in so doing change the story of society as a whole.

In this spirit, we’re committed to making the core framework and teachings available at a price that even the most experimental, out-of-the-box members of our tribe can afford. However, we also know that every heroine or hero needs wise guidance along the path.

So, in addition to the basic webinar series package, we’re offering two levels of personal mentoring this spring.

In your personal sessions with DK and Safiya, you can:

  • Be seen, accepted and validated as who you really are.
  • Take a shamanic journey to free yourself of old emotional patterns.
  • Do a trance session to vividly visualize and vibrantly feel the reality of your desired outcome.
  • Learn and practice body-based techniques that strengthen your focus, build your confidence, and keep your energy flowing.
  • Create workable strategies for reframing persistent ’problems’ and develop a step by step plan to move into more freedom.
  • Learn from our mistakes (of which there have been many).

Book of Spells: Who Do You Think You Are?

The Who Do You Think You Are?! Webinar Series

  • Six live video classes, course notes and exercises, and links to additional resources.
  • Perpetual access to all video and audio recordings.
  • Membership in our secret Facebook group where you can build your belief, get inspired by other people’s successes, learn new tricks of the trade, and be seen and validated as your authentic self.
  • Body-based techniques and visualization exercises for snapping yourself quickly out of negative story trances and back into your own authorship/authority.
  • The opportunity to participate in a group ritual to revoke old soul contracts and banish negative self-concepts and limiting beliefs. This is incredibly powerful and is only available as part of the live webinar group package.