Book of Spells: The ‘Reality’ Game

What’s Your Story?

Rewrite Your Story, Change Your Life!

“I love you.” “You suck.” “You’ll never…”

Like magic spells, the stories we learned long ago can block us from following our bliss. In this webinar series, you will learn how to use the power of story to revoke the ‘black magic’ spells that were placed on you as a member of your family, gender, racial, and social system. These spells – many of which were in place before you could even say the word ‘story’ – have radically limited your perception of both your own true worth and of the opportunities available to you in life.

Becoming aware of the false narratives that control you from their hiding place in the subconscious is a major first step in being able to reclaim your power, live your dream, and follow your bliss.

In this self-guided training, you will lay the groundwork for an alchemical transformation:

  • You’ll build your BELIEF in yourself and in your ability to live the life you’ve always wanted;
  • Instead of reacting to the next disaster or human tragedy with despair, you will feel a foundation of renewed HOPE rise within you – because you KNOW you’re part of the solution.
  • You’ll develop your own PERSONAL TOOL KIT – including body, breath and visualization techniques you can do in 5 minutes or less – to pull yourself out of old, limiting stories and step back into your inner authority.
  • You’ll begin REWRITING YOUR LIFE STORY based on your dreams, your desires, and your needs. As you realize more and more that reality is much more fluid than you’ve been programmed to believe, you’ll experience fresh CONFIDENCE and renewed ENERGY and OPTIMISM.

What’s Included?

  • Five hour-long video classes, including the Book of Spells methodology, stories, examples, meditations, movement techniques, and visualization exercises.
  • Perpetual access to class recordings and additional resources.
  • Exercises and worksheets for identifying and rewriting your own micro-stories.

Class topics

These are some of the themes we explore:

Week 1 – The Big Picture: trolls & parasites; the power of narrative; words as magic spells for good or evil; the collective story and the personal stories; why now is the time we can free ourselves from the dark matrix.

Week 2 – Down in the Basement: ancestors and family systems; shame – the ultimate control mechanism; working with the stories you inherited.

Week 3 – Micro-Stories: psychic protection/grounding & centering; taking your power back by recognizing the small day-to-day stories that drain your power; not all the voices in your head are yours; strategies and tools to rewrite the micro-stories.

Week 4 – Connect the Dots: identifying and sketching three false stories you’re ready to leave behind; connecting the dots from micro-story to family system to ancestral lineage to the big collective narrative.

Week 5 – Dis/Empowerment: why is owning our power so scary? understanding the taboo against having power and the attraction of playing small.

Rewrite Your Story and Change Your Reality

Note: Once you’ve purchased the product, check your email for a receipt and click on the link in the receipt email to access the course in your personal library. If you need extra help, I’ve created a help page with short ‘how-to’ videos that will guide you through the process.

The Book of Spells: The ‘Reality’ Game Webinar Series – $199


About Us

DK Brainard Safiya
DK Brainard is an astrologer, writer, and musician who uses music, rhythm, humor, hypnosis, and storytelling to help people reclaim their inner authority and rewrite their life story.

“I think my biggest gift is my ability to take people into sacred space and give them the experience of being seen and completely validated for exactly who they are,” DK says. “Also, I’m kind – and a lot of people think I’m kinda funny.”

It was Safiya’s life-long fascination with language that led her from studies in music, French (BA) and Linguistics (MA) to her current exploration of the language of the body through movement and dance.

She has performed and taught women’s dances of the Middle East for many years. She is also a Pilates instructor with extensive additional training including Yoshida Dynamic Technique, MELT, Reiki (2nd Degree), Yoga, Flamenco, and Balkan folk dance.