(I Will) Rise Like the Phoenix

Jupiter-Uranus Opposition 2016 and My Ongoing Plumbing Saga

Hope your solstice was good. There’s some pretty intense energy going on right now (well, when isn’t there lately?) with the Moon in Libra making an exact hit on the Jupiter-Uranus opposition over the next two hours (1 pm – 3 pm EST). Today’s exact opposition is the first of three and is a very strong direct hit due to:

  • the lunar activation;
  • both planets being still in a close square to the conjunction of retrograde Mercury and Pluto;
  • Uranus sitting right on the Eris point, activating the chaotic  death and rebirth potential of the Goddess of Discord.

(The other two Jupiter-Uranus oppositions take place in March and September 2017.)

Hmmm…I started this as a slice of life update on my ongoing plumbing situation, not an astrology-centric post, but what the bleep. When it’s on it’s on, and it is definitely on right now. (See the original blog post here and the video update below)

So, what might this meeting of the Awakener in Aries and the Expander in Libra bring us? How about:

  • Expanding revolution
  • Revolutionary expansion
  • Philosophical over catastrophes
  • Catastrophic philosophies
  • Awakened relationships
  • Relationships spontaneously combusting
  • Disastrous fortune
  • Fortunate disaster
  • Lucky lightning

We won’t know the whole story until September of next year but we should get a good glimpse today. And this window is open until December 30 when the Moon in Capricorn will trigger the opposition again.

Take care – avoid dangerous situations when possible. Don’t rewire your home today. And be open for a game-changing insight to come when and where you least expect it!

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