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Pretty much everything I write these days gets published in my Substack newsletter. I’ll also be posting some astrology and music writing here and writing about building-the-society-of-the-future at

Read about 7 reasons why I like Substack or check out these recent pieces directly on my Substack archive:

The Facebook Fly-Trap – What I learned about social media algorithms and what these companies are doing with our personal data.

The guy who swam in nuclear reactor pools – How much of what we think we know about the world is even remotely true?

What is ‘the Parasite’? – When an ancient shamanic explanation for why people do so many destructive things intersects with cutting edge neuroscience.

Ivan Prosper R.I.P. – Celebrating the life and mourning the untimely death of my friend and bandmate.

Alternative treatments for the ‘ro + how to survive the jab – No reason you’d need these, since we all know the jabs are “100 percent safe and effective” but it’s always good to have options.