Grounding and Centering MP3s – Eclipse Season

Stopping to smell the flowers. Photo by DK.

Stopping to smell the flowers. Photo by DK.

Pay What You Want: Three Guided Grounding & Centering Meditations

It’s eclipse season and the August 21 solar eclipse in Leo is the first total solar eclipse to be visible across the entire USA in 99 years. That’s exciting – but eclipse season tends to be a problematic time of year for those of us who are empaths, sensitives and energy feelers.

Eclipses bring massive amounts of cosmic energy into the Earth’s sphere – with the specific intent of kickstarting necessary changes and transforming stuck situations and patterns. Most people don’t know why they’re feeling suddenly (Fill In The Blank: crazy, suicidal, enraged, despairing, depressed, vengeful, pathetic, etc.).

They’re like the person at the swinging party who didn’t know the brownies were made with marijuana. All of a sudden they’re feeling unhinged and like they might just have a breakdown! Many of these people will spew their internal psychic turmoil into shared psychic space in an effort to make themselves feel better.

Which impacts the sensitives around them. And when you multiply this scenario times a few hundred million souls, well, we all feel it.

The most helpful remedy I’ve found in my life as an empath is the practice of grounding and centering. Grounding connects your energy system into the energy system of Mother Earth, enabling Earth to take excess psychic or emotional energy (yours or someone else’s that you’ve absorbed) out of your body and into her body. Don’t worry; she recycles it in her molten core and uses it to grow good things, much the way trees recycle our out-breaths and turn them back into breathable air.

Many, many people tend to instinctively dissociate from their bodies in times of stress. This disempowers us and also puts us at the mercy of the egoic mind, where we are at increased risk for accidents, arguments, worry, disease, and bad choices. Centering puts us back into our bodies, where we are fully resourced and not just a disembodied consciousness flailing around in response to environmental triggers.

These three short (6-12 minutes) guided meditations teach you how to find your center and present different ways of grounding yourself. Whether you’re someone who is just waking up to realize how important grounding is to your mental, emotional and physical health or you just need a little extra help during eclipse season, these guided meditations will get you back in your body and back in your power. And you can download them in exchange for whatever you feel good about giving me in return.

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