Gemini Solar Eclipse Astrology – June 10 2021

Reality Emerging From the Shadows

Wednesday’s “ring of fire” solar eclipse happens with the eclipse Sun and Moon closely conjunct retrograde Mercury and all three planets square Neptune in Pisces.

Translation: If you’ve been feeling mentally disjointed or unable to focus, give yourself a pass until after the eclipse on doing anything that absolutely doesn’t need to happen immediately.

Mercury retrogrades are designed by the Cosmos to be mentally confusing and disruptive for a reason: so we’ll take a break from our linear checklists and tune in to the bigger picture of the mind.

By forcing us into mental dead-ends and cul-de-sacs, Mercury retrograde shows us the larger mental patterns that are operating just out of sight (out of mind). But these habitual patterns of categorizing and valuing information exert a tremendous influence on our lives. Nothing wrong with mental categories and shortcuts – the brain creates these to keep us from being overwhelmed by the astounding amount of sensory input it processes every second of the day.

The problem is that so many of our mental operating system routines were created far back in the past and/or downloaded from entities and programming channels (TV, school, the Internet, parents) whose desired outcomes are not aligned with our own desired outcomes now.

Gemini total annular solar eclipse - June 10 2021, 6:53 am EDT, Washington, DC.

Gemini total annular solar eclipse – June 10 2021, 6:53 am EDT, Washington, DC.

The Omega symbol for the eclipse degree is: Night in a museum. Shadows seem to be moving in the paintings.

In our hot-off-the-presses Gemini New Moon Report I joked that the theme of this lunar cycle could be titled Expect the Unexpected. This was partly in reference to Dr. Fauci’s memoir of the same name that suddenly disappeared from online booksellers after the release last week of several thousand emails exposing Fauci’s role as Covid pandemic mastermind.

But I have my astrological reasons also. The second of this year’s three Saturn-Uranus squares arrives on June 14. Freedom of speech vs. censorship and Big Tech’s control over your data vs. your right to privacy are two of the ways Aquarius’ two ruling planets are battling it out in 2021. The build-up to the first square, exact February 17, brought us the televised faux inauguration, the widely accepted “January 6 insurrection” story, a massive social media purge of users questioning the party line, and congressional action to increase how much spying the nation’s intelligence agencies do on our own citizens.

Round One went to Big Tech and the global elites. But Round Two appears ready to unleash a few dramatic plot twists.

Furthermore, the June 10 eclipse belongs to a family of eclipses (Saros 5 North) that Bernadette Brady calls “a very unusual Saros series” characterized by psychic phenomena, prophetic glimpses, and hunches that we can act on with success.

My sense is that this eclipse is conspiring with Mercury to break us out of the story of the world we’ve all been conditioned into accepting as reality. The Toltec teacher Don Miguel Ruiz calls this story “the dream of the planet.” It’s the story reinforced on mainstream news programs and talk shows, television dramas, sitcoms, children’s cartoons, and in the standards curriculum of public education.

As Ruiz points out unequivocally, this story – that life is harsh and suffering is inevitable and that war, poverty, hatred, and oppression have always been and always will be our lot as humans – is of parasitic origin and it serves one purpose: to feed the Parasite.

I see the Omega symbol for the eclipse degree as speaking of the many layers of truth about society that are hidden in the shadows of the paintings in the museum. (When you go to a museum, you’re seeing a one layer of history that has been carefully curated by the elites who pay for the museum’s existence.)

Interestingly, the Chandra symbol for the eclipse degree is A bull stung by a scorpion. The bull is Taurus, where Uranus currently resides. Fixed earth Taurus can get very fixated on maintaining the status quo, on doing things the same way we’ve always done them. This consistency is one of the virtues of Taurus (which is really good at getting shit done) but it becomes problematic when we’re doing what worked 20, 40, or 100 years ago despite a mountain of evidence that it’s no longer working now.
“When Taurean energy has become too rigid, too dogmatic, and too resistive of change,” John Sandbach writes, “The Scorpio energy retaliates and breaks up the old, stagnant patterns, so that energy is free to move once again.” Uranus in Taurus wants to radically shake up the status quo, destroying all that is “old and in the way.”
Taurus is often associated with Mother Earth herself and I believe the every-84-years transit of the Awakener through this sign is designed to spark an evolutionary leap in how we coexist with the planet and with Nature. It’s interesting that the last Uranus in Taurus period (1935 – 1942) coincided with the Great Depression, skyrocketing unemployment and homelessness, and the rise of genocidal authoritarian regimes in the Soviet Union and Germany.
Anyone see the similarities with the global elites’ Great Reset – a plan to kill off 80 percent of the human population and confine the rest of the people to prison cities as a response to the manufactured crises of Covid-19 and global warming, er, climate change, er, climate emergency?
As long as we continue to unquestioningly ingest state-sponsored propaganda and as long as we keep justifying evil as just a necessary part of life because we’re too afraid or too lazy to fight for truth, beauty, and freedom, we’re going to reap more suffering, shame, and punishment from the parasites and their minions who see ordinary humans are “useless eaters” sullying up their paradise planet.
I believe this time – on the very doorstep of the Aquarian Age – is a time ordained by Great Creator for humans to wake up from our collective nightmare and once again live in harmony and abundance with Mother Earth. To realize that destiny, however, we must act. Paradise isn’t given to cowards and solipsists, but to those willing to take action – fiercely, lovingly, truthfully and generously – to free ourselves and our fellow humans from the prison we were born into.

Three phenomena that have fascinated me since the start of the Covid psyop are feeding the possibility of the truth piercing through the veil of the official narrative; in other words, the possibility of a large scale public awakening.

  1. The magnitude (in terms of time, resources, and people employed) of the effort to brainwash the population through media and technology;

  2. The increasingly unbelievable and self-contradictory nature of the official story as everyday citizens have begun questioning it publicly;

  3. The number of people who are so brainwashed they still believe everything Anderson Cooper tells them, even when presented with undeniable evidence to the contrary.

H.L. Mencken’s dictum that “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public” notwithstanding, it feels like we may have reached a critical mass /breaking point in this global information war. Whether it’s the truth about the scope of the 2020 election fraud coming out via the state legislatures’ forensic audits, the truth about the origins of the Covid pandemic, or another surprise revelation of the extent to which we have collectively been hoodwinked by moneyed psychopaths, a sea change feels inevitable.

Together, the Gemini eclipse/Mercury retrograde (conjunct the USA’s natal Mars) and the June 14 Saturn-Uranus square are trying to wake us up from our collective dream of sickness, weakness, and scarcity.

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