Venus Retrograde 2018: Unplug from Lower Vibrational Attachments

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: For Love & Money

Venus is the planet that symbolizes love and relationships.  On Cathryn Taylor’s EFT for Spiritual Fitness show, I pointed out that Venus retrograde in Scorpio was going to challenge us to go within and understand how our own unresolved trauma causes us to experience lack, conflict, and dissatisfaction in relationships.

Venus also symbolizes money and what we value.  Another function of the 2018 Venus retrograde in Scorpio is to tune us in to where our values are misaligned with our intentions. This empowers us to make course corrections and experience more joy and pleasure and prosperity going forward.

Love & Money = Forms of Energy Flow

I have had amazing sessions with the clients who’ve signed up for readings during the Venus retrograde promotion. I’ve also experienced some mind-blowing insights in sessions with my coach and mentors.

I’m still processing some of this and meditating on how to share it. I do want to share an image that came through in a session with my amazing coach Lisa this week.

Short backstory: A couple of years ago I did an online prosperity workshop with my colleague Ra Ma Kaur. One of the big takeaways I got from the workshop was really understanding money as a form of energy flow.

We’ve all heard that a million times, right? What I realized was that, as an empath with a lot of childhood trauma, I had never felt consistently energized or safe enough to allow my energy to flow freely into the world.

Rather than focusing my energy into the actions necessary to achieve my goals, for example, I would consistently allow needy people to drain me. Or I would jump into people-pleasing behavior in order to feel safe: “If I just give them enough love and attention, then they will see my value and reward me accordingly.”

That didn’t work, of course. Because when we are thinking, feeling and acting from the place of the wounded inner child, we will always choose partners who play the role of the abusive or abandoning parent

These relationships help us to become more conscious and inspire us to do our inner work, but they don’t give us the returns we were hoping for.

The a-ha moment for me was recognizing that I needed more energy if I wanted more prosperity. This meant learning to:

  • stop withholding positive energy because it doesn’t feel safe to share
  • stop giving away positive energy to psychic vampires and users

I’ve been working on that pattern for the last two years and making remarkable progress (yay!). A huge part of that work has been retraining myself to feel the painful feelings we habitually avoid rather than stuffing them or engaging in spiritual bypassing.

Psychic Cords and Energy Flow

What Lisa showed me is that it’s not just a question of having enough energy to flow outward. Any attachment to lower vibrational energies also blocks the capacity of energy to flow in to me.

I’m going to try to share the imagery in words here. Imagine a body with psychic cords reaching out from the chakras, front and back. Now imagine there’s a big sum of money that wants to flow to this body. Or love from the body’s ideal partner.

Now imagine that three of those cords are attached (due to guilt and shame) into people who always take and never give back equally. Imagine two of the cords are attached to trauma from the past and all of the feelings that emanate from that wound. Imagine that another cord is attached to a specific, compulsive mental picture of the need for a new job or a new house or the perfect partner.

If the big sum of money or the juicy love needs to flow through the energetic cords, it can’t. Because they’re already blocked – attached to these people and to the compulsive thought and feeling patterns.

What if we imagine that the abundance flows in through the root chakra or the crown chakra (bypassing the psychic cords entirely)? It still can’t flow in freely, because the Source knows that rather than being used by the body as intended, it will be diverted to these lower vibrational people and entities!

Letting Go & Surrendering the Struggle

I decided to end my Venus retrograde reading special early because I realized it had become a negative attachment for me. Not because of the people who have responded to the offer. The sessions I’ve done in the last two weeks have been joyful, expansive and insightful. I’ve loved every minute of it and I fully expect the same beautiful, expansive energy between me and anyone who signs up today.

What I realized is that I’ve been pouring way too much mental and emotional energy into the promotion itself. I’ve allowed the ego to engage in worry and to generate stress to the point that having the promotion up became a block to prosperity flowing in.

You can probably relate to some of the worry thoughts generated: Did I publicize it enough? Should I put up another blog post? Should I boost the post on Facebook? Am I marketing it too much? Am I doing it for the right reasons? Is that picture good enough? What if no one responds? What if too many people respond?

Rather than just focusing my energy on the next vibrationally-aligned action, the energy was leaking away into the trauma survivor’s need to overwork, overthink, and stay busy struggling. Attachment to a limiting childhood belief system that nothing good can come without a mighty struggle.

That’s no fun! And most of me hasn’t believed that for some time now. So, I made a decision to feel those feelings and surrender that struggle.

I hope you are blessed with similarly valuable insights in the second half of this remarkable Venus retrograde.

2 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde 2018: Unplug from Lower Vibrational Attachments

  1. Harriet says:

    It is great to read your post’s. Your insights into Astrology are spectacular. I used to think Tom Lecher, was spot on. But I think you blow him out of the water. Definitely a top Astrologer. Keep up the good work. It’s Fantastic,

    Much love and Kindness.

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