The Astrology of Current Affairs

New webinar! The Astrology of Current Affairs.

New webinar! The Astrology of Current Affairs. Image credits below.

Gaining even a basic understanding of how the world changes under different outer planet cycles — such as Saturn’s shift from Sagittarius into Capricorn in January — can empower you to align your actions and intentions with the prevailing energy in the Cosmos.

In this five-week webinar, we’re going to explore some ‘big picture astrology’ so you can understand what’s happening on the world stage and learn how these larger cycles affect you personally.

How Eclipses & Outer Planet Cycles Work

The course will feature a mix of exposition and interactive exploration. In each class I’ll use charts for current or upcoming events to illustrate astrology concepts and demonstrate techniques. Then we’ll explore further based on your questions and insights.

Among the topics we’ll explore in this class:


  • The Great American Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017 and how it impacts the chart of Donald Trump
  • How do I understand an eclipse in relationship to my natal chart?
  • What’s the difference between solar and lunar eclipses?
  • The Flavor of the Season: Solstice and Other Ingress Charts

Outer Planet Cycles

  • Outer planet cycles in the natal chart: the Pluto square, Saturn return, and Uranus opposition
  • The World Chart: How outer planet cycles correlate to global political, economic, and social change
  • The chart for the United States (and country charts in general)
  • Chiron in Aries (2018-2026)
  • Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023)
  • Saturn-Pluto (2019-2020)

Class Details

This is a 5-week live online webinar series joinable by computer video, audio, or telephone. All classes will be recorded and participants will have perpetual access to the class videos and other course materials. Class size is limited to 12 students.

Dates: Aug. 2, Aug. 9, Aug. 16, Aug. 23, Aug. 30

Time: Wednesdays from 8-9:30 pm EDT

Cost: $129

Level: This class is open to astrology lovers  of all levels.¹

Join the Class

The Astrology of Current Affairs Webinar

Join the webinar – $129


1- This course is geared towards ‘beginning-intermediate’ astrology students. I’m pretty good at translating astrology language into plain English. However, if you feel hopelessly lost after the first class, I’ll be happy to refund your fee or credit you towards one of my beginning astrology courses.

2- Image credits:

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