November Special: Life Purpose Reading

Discover Your Soul’s Mission in Your Birth Chart

DK also teaches astrology online to adults.The New Moon in Scorpio on October 30 – following on the heels of the Oct. 18 Mars-Pluto conjunction – opens up a very special time for getting in touch with the deepest meaning of your life and recovering your soul’s power to manifest the life you came here to live.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Pluto lately. Partly because of the recent Mars-Pluto conjunction. Partly because I’m nearing the end of a two-year Pluto transit to my natal Venus. And partly because I’m teaching astrology again and finding fresh resonance with the living archetypes symbolized by the planets.

Pluto is one of the key soul mission points in everyone’s natal chart. Along with the nodes of the Moon, Pluto shows where you’re coming from as a soul – and where you’re trying to get to across the course of this lifetime. The other planets and points involved are unique to each person’s chart. Decoding your life’s purpose is not reducible to a simple three-step formula. At least not yet!

But I’ve been helping people discover and take ownership of their soul mission for more than a decade. It’s clear in my chart that astrology is one of my past life gifts and there’s nothing I enjoy more than helping people get clarity and peace about why they’re here and what they are meant to do.

Pluto, Mars & the Hero’s Journey

The sign of Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, and Mars the Warrior. In every hero’s journey, the hero or heroine must descend into the underworld in order to be initiated and transformed. Without this fearsome step, the hero cannot complete the sacred quest.

The mythological underworld symbolizes the unconscious mind – the shadowy realm where our deepest fears, shame, and ancestral patterns reside. Yet this is also the place where our power awaits us – the power to regenerate and totally transform our life into what we somehow know it should be.

Scorpio New Moon - Life Purpose Reading with DK Brainard

The Oct. 30 Scorpio New Moon activates alchemical Pluto and visionary Neptune.

Mars gives us the courage to face the dragon in the psyche and in so doing to reclaim our right to follow our bliss and live our own unique dream. In his PBS series with Bill Moyers, Joseph Campbell recounts Nietzsche’s parable of the child and the dragon.:

“[T]he name of the dragon is “Thou Shalt.” And on every scale of the dragon there is a “Thou Shalt” imprinted. Some of it comes from 2,000 years, 4,000 years ago. Some of it comes from yesterday morning’s newspaper headline. When the dragon is killed, the lion is transformed into a child, an innocent child living out of its own dynamic. And Nietzsche uses the term, ein aus sich rollendes Rad, a wheel rolling out of its own center. That’s what you become. That is the mature individual.”

Pluto is indeed a dark, scary being. He is ruthless, but he really wants us to stop hiding our light and boldly share our unique gifts with the world. Not only because when we become fully mature humans, the whole world rejoices. The planets want to help us pull back from the brink of disaster and create a better world. As we’ve been exploring in Learn Astrology with DK, however, the archetypes need us in order to come fully into the world. So when we get clear, they are empowered to do their work as well.

Pluto is also a god of power and wealth. The astrologer Caroline Casey says that Pluto demands of us that we “release our desire to control or be controlled.” When we demonstrate our willingness to stop believing in all of the “thou shalts” we were programmed with; when we find the courage to live out our own unique purpose, Pluto blesses us with power, freedom and the resources to live life on a level most people can only fantasize about.


The special offer period has ended but I would love to help you tune in to your life’s purpose and empower you to head into 2017 with fresh confidence and clarity. To schedule a session, please see my Astrology Readings or Personal Coaching pages.

Through November 21, while availability lasts, I’m offering a special 90-minute life purpose reading to new and returning clients alike. In this session, we will enter sacred space together, call on your guides, angels and the planets for clarity and inspiration, and explore:

  • The life purpose shown in your birth chart;
  • The inner resources you can access now to step powerfully into your mission;
  • Any energies that are holding you back,  and how to reintegrate them and get your power back.

We will also do a Tarot or Medicine Card reading* focused on helping you understand exactly what you can shift in order to move through resistance with more Grace and activate your life purpose now.

After the session, you’ll receive a full MP3 audio recording of your Life Purpose reading plus a photograph of your Tarot or Medicine Card spread. If you’re a first-time client, you’ll also receive a copy of your birth chart and a natal report explaining the planets in your chart and how they relate to one another.

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