Setting New Moon Intentions – Part 1

Part 1 – Find the New Moon in Your Natal Chart

You can use this process to locate any other transit or astrological event in your chart. Then use the table of house meanings below to pinpoint the life areas the New Moon is activating for you.

For these videos, I’m working with the Scorpio New Moon on October 30, 2016 but the basic principles are applicable to any astrological event. (Watch Setting New Moon Intentions – Part 2)

House Meanings in Astrology

What does each house symbolize in astrology? The houses in astrology symbolize life areas. The twelve houses make up a rich and complex tapestry of archetypal meaning, but here’s a concise table of house meanings to get your started on understanding how New Moons and other transits are activating your natal chart.

astrology house meanings

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