Out of Bounds – Mars Retrograde in Aquarius 2018 Preview

Roseanne Barr’s Natal Chart and Transits and the Astrology of June – September 2018

In this video I explore the upcoming Mars retrograde in Aquarius through Roseanne Barr’s astrology. The Sagittarius Moon on May 29, 2018 was exactly conjunct Roseanne’s Mercury and was opposition her Gemini Moon during her early morning Twitter session. Her show was cancelled during the Full Moon later that morning.

This is a fascinating study in how transits can trigger underlying themes in the chart, especially when supported by aspects from progressed planets.

The other fascinating thing about Roseanne’s chart is that her Ascendant (persona, identity) is conjunct the USA’s natal South Node at 7 Aquarius. And, guess what else is happening at 7 Aquarius this summer?

Mars stations retrograde on June 26 2018 at 9 Aquarius, conjunct the transiting South Node at — you guessed it — 7 Aquarius.

Roseanne’s ASC conjunct the USA’s South Node probably accounts for her resonance with the American public. But when enough energy hits that axis, the truth will come out. And that’s what happened over Memorial Day weekend.

Mars will not only be retrograde in July and August, it will also spend 2 1/2 months out of bounds (OOB). This is a condition in which a planet has “gone beyond the pale” and become an outlaw. It’s not always bad, but OOB planets can get pretty crazy.

It’s going to be an interesting summer, especially considering where Mars will be hitting the USA’s natal chart.

And Roseanne has three of the personal planets – Moon, Venus and Mars – out of bounds in her natal chart. In this video, I look at the roles these planets play in her recent fall from grace.

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