Libra New Moon Report (Podcast)

time lapse photo Aries Lunar eclipse Sept 27 2015

Time-lapse photo of the Aries Lunar Eclipse on Sept. 27, 2015. All rights reserved (c) 2015 Jim McNeil.

Can we maintain our accelerated evolutionary trajectory and still be in relationship with the more traditional elements (and people) in society? That’s the question of the Libra New Moon. 

Libra New Moon Astrology Report – October 2015

Thanks to Jim McNeil of for the gorgeous photo of the September Aries lunar eclipse.

In this podcast (28 minutes), I look at how the October 12 Libra New Moon builds on the signature of radical freedom and transcendence introduced by the Aries lunar eclipse. Learn why I believe most of us can experience the second half of October as a very positive period of consolidation, growth and congruence – if we’re willing to use the Virgo power of discrimination while remaining true to our own inner vision. Includes Mars, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury and Venus in mutual reception, magic carpets, and more.

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