Alien Patterns in Astrology

What are the alien patterns?

I taught two 12-hour courses in 2020 on the alien patterns. It was awesome, it was life-changing for many participants. And…it required me to hold a LOT of space. This information is so valuable, I may teach another course in 2021 or beyond. And/or develop an online class where you can study at your own pace. If interested, please contact me and let me know over at my new community site, Cosmic Fire.

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s futuristic vision changed inspired us to imagine a universe full of sentient life beyond our solar system. Roddenberry was a Plutonian Instrument, Neptunian Power, and Uranian Vessel alien. (August 19, 1921, 1:35 am, El Paso, TX)

Alien patterns in the natal horoscope are special energy configurations involving a conjunction of the Sun, Moon or Ascendant with one of the transpersonal outer planets.* These patterns give the native special abilities, such as an innate understanding of the true nature of time, the ability to see dead people, psychokinesis, or the ability to awaken the kundalini power in other people.

* There are a few alien patterns that don’t involve the outer planets, such as the Adept alien patterns. These occur when no planets (or Midheaven or Ascendant) occur in one of the elements or modes. We will cover these patterns as well.

Choosing to carry one or more alien patterns is intended by the soul as a gift to the world. But the alien patterns are often experienced as a curse by those who carry them – until they are able to bring these energies into their conscious awareness.

In fact, natives with alien patterns in the natal horoscope almost always reach adulthood suffering from a profound sense of alienation (hence the name).

Why is this? The outer planet energies carried by the alien pattern native operate with the intent to transform whatever they encounter. So as soon as an alien pattern person connects with another human, they initiate an evolutionary/transformational feedback loop with the other person.

Relationships are incredibly loaded for most alien pattern people. Almost all of us learned at a very young age that there was something ‘wrong’ with us. We made others uncomfortable, we attracted inappropriate sexual attention from adults, we knew things that we couldn’t possibly know…and we were shamed, shushed and ostracized for simply being who we are.

Here’s a post, with pictures, answering the question: How do I know if I have an alien patterns in my natal chart?

Who Is This Class For?

I’m dividing the content into two sections, a four-hour overview and an additional eight-hour section where we’ll explore the different alien constructs in more detail.

Astrologers & healerS

If you’re an astrologer, or if you use astrology as part of your healing or coaching practice, you need to know about the alien patterns. Understanding the alien patterns will help you initiate your alien pattern clients into the mystery of who they really are. It will validate their life experience to date in a way that can be profoundly healing. It will help you to understand why they may be so enlightened in most areas of their life/chart, but deeply resistant or fearful in certain areas.

Most astrologers and healers who use astrology as background information to help their clients would benefit from taking the entire 12-hour course.

Alien Pattern PeoplE (And Those Who Love Them)

If you possess one or more alien patterns in your birth chart this information can radically transform your understanding of yourself and your life experience and purpose. If you have no alien patterns in your chart but have a child or life partner who does (Edwin Steinbrecher called these alien-helpers “Protectors”), you would definitely benefit from the overview classes. If you’re astrologically inclined and curious, you are of course welcome to take the entire class.

Minimum Requirements

To get the most out of this class, you’ll need a basic understanding of the language of astrology, including signs, houses, planets, and major aspects. For example, you can identify a sign by its glyph, you know the difference between Venus and Pluto, and if I say, “Notice this client also has Saturn in Libra in the 2nd House” you know where to look and find Saturn in the chart.

If you want to take the class but don’t feel confident in your astro-knowledge, contact me and we can determine together if you and the class will be a good fit.

Class Content

Overview (weeks 1 &2)

In the first two classes (four hours total) you will learn:

  • The alien pattern framework: the stages of development all alien pattern people go through from birth through adulthood.
  • How to identify alien patterns in a horoscope.
  • The basic gift/teachings of the four outer planets forming the alien patterns: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
  • The Adept patterns and how they work / how to work them.
  • How the alien patterns act when we are consciously aligning with their power.
  • How they affect us and those around us when we are unconscious of them.
  • How to bring an alien pattern into conscious awareness.
  • The two transformational keys for taking an alien pattern from curse to gift.

Going Deep with the ALien Patterns (weeks 3-6)

These four classes (eight hours total) are organized by outer planet archetype.

Week 3:  Saturn – The Teacher/Transformer – The Saturn aliens are natural authority figures. They understand the true structure of reality and the non-linear nature of time. They push those around them to develop inner authority and take responsibility for their lives.

Week 4: Uranus – The Illuminator – The Uranian aliens are the radical truth-tellers. They illuminate falsehood in those around them and challenge others to own their truths and live from the Authentic Self.

Week 5: Neptune – The Divine Mirror – The Neptune aliens inspire others to see or feel what it would be like to be their ideal selves. They light up the space around them with Christ-like compassion but are often chronically drained by psychic vampires.

Week 6: Pluto – The Shaman – The Plutonian aliens activate people’s deepest fear and unconscious shame patterns, allowing others to experience a rebirth into their most powerful self.

In these four classes, you will learn about:

  • Common traits of the Power, Vessel and Instrument patterns for each outer planet archetype.
  • Differences in how the Power, Vessel and Instrument patterns tend to manifest with each of the outer planet types.
  • How to honor the native’s internal resistance to each pattern.
  • The importance of working with built-up trauma from carrying one or more of these patterns.
  • How to become conscious of these patterns by recognizing them at work in relationships, including past relationships.
  • How the patterns show up when the client is resistant/unconscious.
  • How to help clients move out of resistance and into the awakened state.

We will use the natal charts of celebrity alien pattern people to illustrate how the different patterns function at various evolutionary levels. And you’ll have the opportunity to explore the alien pattern(s) in your own chart!

Live Class Dates and Times


  • Six two-hour live, interactive video classes.
  • Lifetime access to the video and audio recordings of all six classes.
  • Course notes and exercises and links to additional resources.
  • A private discussion forum is available to Cosmic Fire members.