November Special: Life Purpose Reading

Discover Your Soul’s Mission in Your Birth Chart

DK also teaches astrology online to adults.The New Moon in Scorpio on October 30 – following on the heels of the Oct. 18 Mars-Pluto conjunction – opens up a very special time for getting in touch with the deepest meaning of your life and recovering your soul’s power to manifest the life you came here to live.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Pluto lately. Partly because of the recent Mars-Pluto conjunction. Partly because I’m nearing the end of a two-year Pluto transit to my natal Venus. And partly because I’m teaching astrology again and finding fresh resonance with the living archetypes symbolized by the planets. Continue reading

Online Astrology Training

Early Bird Special: January 2017 Astrology 1 Course

We are having a blast in the Fall Astrology 1 class. I’ll be posting early registration very soon for the January 2017 Astrology 1 and Astrology 2 sections, so stay tuned! (Updates and info will be posted on my mailing list and Facebook page.)

This is the most practical, feature-packed astrology training I could fit into a 3-month package.

  • Do you know a little about astrology but not enough to use it consistently?
  • Or perhaps you know a lot and just need help putting it all together into your own unique but congruent system?
  • Would you love to be able to look at the planetary transits for the month and understand how Mars in Sagittarius is showing up in your natal chart – or how you can work with Jupiter in Libra for the next year?

online astrology training with DK BrainardSeveral students in my previous online astrology classes have gone on to become professional astrologers or integrate astrology into their other healing practices.

Live classes will be held on Thursday evenings at 9 pm EST. You’ll also get video lessons and workbooks emailed to you each week and have access to a secret Facebook group where you can ask questions, advance wild hypotheses, and practice your chart interpretation skills. And, if you can’t make all the live classes, fear not: live classes will be recorded and available afterwards as streaming video.

Course size is limited so I’ll be able to help you if you get stuck – and you’ll have the option of connecting with some very cool visionary women (and hopefully a dude or two). You can see all the glorious details here. Or take a shortcut to the 9 reasons why I think you’ll love this class.

Watch the video below (3:30) for a tiny preview of the kind of transcendent techniques, astrology secrets, and practical wisdom you’ll be privy to as a participant in the course.

Astro Update: Uranus-Eris Craziness, Capricorn Full Moon, Freedom from Shame

Uranus and Eris

A lot of us have been having weird symptoms again. Insomnia, vertigo, free-floating, sudden onset anxiety, nervous system anomalies, unexpected outbursts of rage, bizarre money events (good and bad). Those are just the ones I’ve heard about in the last week. And of course there’s the crazy shit happening with people and guns in society. Continue reading

T-square alert: Venus triggers Uranus-Pluto-Lilith today through Sunday

Psychological Release from Bondage

Venus conjunct Pluto Capricorn chart

The Moon in Capricorn joins Venus and Pluto at the apex of the Uranus-Pluto-Black Moon Lilith T-square this evening, with the “exact hit” period stretching from around 8 pm to midnight EST. I didn’t mention this in the David Bowie pod, but the Sabian symbol for the degree of this conjunction (17 Capricorn – same as Bowie’s Mars) is:  A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism. Continue reading

Hammered by the Gods (and Goddess)

Pluto, Uranus, Black Moon Lilith – And Mercury Retrograde

Remember when the first two or three weeks of the year seemed to pass in this weird, foggy limbo state?  That’s how I remember it – “nothing happens in the first two weeks of January anyway.” From Christmas until about the time the Sun enters Aquarius, it was a dead zone.

Seems to me that for the last few years – since Uranus and Pluto entered the cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn – January has become this super-intense month. It’s like a baptism of fire and ice designed to prepare us for the changes we will be required to make in the coming months. Continue reading

November 2015 Astrology Forecast

Hoodoos and Stars by John Fowler on Flickr

Hoodoos and Stars by John Fowler on Flickr

November 2015 audio horoscopes – in depth inspiration and guidance

The November audio horoscopes average about 20 minutes per sign: I really go in-depth into the relationship between Jupiter, Venus and Mars in Virgo and the abundant potentials of the 11/11 Scorpio New Moon. Plus, the 11/25 Gemini Full Moon as a snapshot of your Saturn in Sagittarius lesson for the next two years.

You can download your audio horoscope as an MP3 file and/or stream it as often as you like all month long. Even put it in your Dropbox! Continue reading