Get a Reading and Support Standing Rock

Standing Rock: A Defining Moment for America

Photo by tradlands on Flickr - Creative Commons 3.0

Photo by tradlands on Flickr – Creative Commons 3.0

2016 seems destined to go down in history as one of those years when everything changed. I believe what’s happening at Standing Rock is the defining moment of this time. It encapsulates so many of the choices facing us as humans and as a society. It’s easy to boil it down to “Water vs Oil” but the stand-off at the Missouri River symbolizes so many of the burning issues of our time: institutionalized racism and state-sponsored terrorism, climate change and alternative energy, and corporate exploitation of the poor and of the ever-shrinking middle class.

Pluto and Our Collective Shadow

Pluto has been opposing the USA’s natal Sun for the last three years and will soon return to its position in the USA’s birth chart for the first time since the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Pluto always exposes the shadow side of things, and we are seeing America’s shadow side in the showdown at Standing Rock. This is a huge moment for the United States of America and for we the people.

Are we going to violate yet another treaty with the original people of this land? Are we going to allow what amounts to a corporate police force to continue brutalizing members of the biggest gathering of Native peoples since the Battle of Little Bighorn? (Representatives from 90 different Native American tribes have gathered at Standing Rock.)

I have strong ties to Native American spirituality; so much of what I’ve done as a people helper for the last 15 years has been informed by this tradition. I can’t in integrity leave my current obligations and stand in the flesh with my brothers and sisters (of all races) at Standing Rock. But I feel called to contribute more than my prayers.

Get a Reading, Support the Water Protectors

I usually try to come up with a cool offer as we head into the holiday season. This year I’m nearing the end of a two-year Pluto transit of my career and money zones and most of my creative energy is going towards fixing up a fixer-upper house we bought to enable our family to downsize and cut our cost of living. For the last few weeks I couldn’t think of any offer that I could actually envision finding the time and energy to follow through on.

Last week I decided to ask the angels for guidance and yesterday this inspiration struck me and I felt my whole energy shift. So here it is:

I’m donating 1/3 of the price of the first 20 readings or coaching sessions ordered between now and the Winter Solstice to help with food and medical supplies for the brave souls standing for me at Oceti Sakowin.

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about your life’s purpose, understand the opportunities and challenges awaiting you in the coming year, or give a loved one the gift of an astrology reading with me, purchase your reading here and together we’ll help sustain those who stand for the world we believe in.


The World Needs Your Giftedness

Jupiter in Libra: Collaboration and Community are the Keys to Prosperity

Those of us who care about the Earth, who have kindness in our hearts, who share a vision of a vibrant, healthy planet…we can no longer afford to be living on the fringes, settling for scraps.

Waiting for politicians to save us is a childish fantasy of rescue. The only people who can make it good are – and always have been – we the people.

Our next call is on Sunday, Nov. 27, a couple days before the Sagittarius New Moon. This New Moon is a fine time for activating not only more abundance but for calling in win-win partnerships and collaborators to help us expand our influence and do more good in the world.

Listen to the first Prosperity Sessions call and join us for the Sag New Moon and Gemini Full Moon calls here: Prosperity Sessions with DK and Ra Ma

The Taurus Supermoon

Black Moon Lilith and the Election (Part 1)

supermoon Taurus

At Shoshone California by Murray Foubister (creative commons).

Shock? Grief? Disbelief? Anger?

Can anyone say shadow sides? On Election Day the Sun was approaching its once-a-year conjunction with Black Moon Lilith, the avenging goddess of the suppressed feminine. This conjunction became exact early this morning, and is now separating. However, Monday morning’s Super Moon is close enough to Black Moon Lilith to keep the shadow energetics high through the weekend. Continue reading

November Special: Life Purpose Reading

Discover Your Soul’s Mission in Your Birth Chart

DK also teaches astrology online to adults.The New Moon in Scorpio on October 30 – following on the heels of the Oct. 18 Mars-Pluto conjunction – opens up a very special time for getting in touch with the deepest meaning of your life and recovering your soul’s power to manifest the life you came here to live.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Pluto lately. Partly because of the recent Mars-Pluto conjunction. Partly because I’m nearing the end of a two-year Pluto transit to my natal Venus. And partly because I’m teaching astrology again and finding fresh resonance with the living archetypes symbolized by the planets. Continue reading

Want to Learn Astrology?

9 Reasons To Take My New Online Astrology Course

The Autumn astrology course is filled and under way. I plan to offer the Learn Astrology 1: Basic Chart Interpretation + Key Transits class again in January 2017. To stay apprised, please join my mailing list in the right sidebar.

Here are 9 reasons you’ll learn more practical astrology know-how than you ever thought possible in less than three months: Continue reading

Online Astrology Training

Early Bird Special: January 2017 Astrology 1 Course

We are having a blast in the Fall Astrology 1 class. I’ll be posting early registration very soon for the January 2017 Astrology 1 and Astrology 2 sections, so stay tuned! (Updates and info will be posted on my mailing list and Facebook page.)

This is the most practical, feature-packed astrology training I could fit into a 3-month package.

  • Do you know a little about astrology but not enough to use it consistently?
  • Or perhaps you know a lot and just need help putting it all together into your own unique but congruent system?
  • Would you love to be able to look at the planetary transits for the month and understand how Mars in Sagittarius is showing up in your natal chart – or how you can work with Jupiter in Libra for the next year?

online astrology training with DK BrainardSeveral students in my previous online astrology classes have gone on to become professional astrologers or integrate astrology into their other healing practices.

Live classes will be held on Thursday evenings at 9 pm EST. You’ll also get video lessons and workbooks emailed to you each week and have access to a secret Facebook group where you can ask questions, advance wild hypotheses, and practice your chart interpretation skills. And, if you can’t make all the live classes, fear not: live classes will be recorded and available afterwards as streaming video.

Course size is limited so I’ll be able to help you if you get stuck – and you’ll have the option of connecting with some very cool visionary women (and hopefully a dude or two). You can see all the glorious details here. Or take a shortcut to the 9 reasons why I think you’ll love this class.

Watch the video below (3:30) for a tiny preview of the kind of transcendent techniques, astrology secrets, and practical wisdom you’ll be privy to as a participant in the course.

Astro Update: Uranus-Eris Craziness, Capricorn Full Moon, Freedom from Shame

Uranus and Eris

A lot of us have been having weird symptoms again. Insomnia, vertigo, free-floating, sudden onset anxiety, nervous system anomalies, unexpected outbursts of rage, bizarre money events (good and bad). Those are just the ones I’ve heard about in the last week. And of course there’s the crazy shit happening with people and guns in society. Continue reading