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New 10-Week Video Astrology Course Starting J

This is the most practical, feature-packed astrology training I could fit into a 3-month package.

  • Do you know a little about astrology but not enough to use it consistently?
  • Or perhaps you know a lot and just need help putting it all together into your own unique but congruent system?
  • Would you love to be able to look at the planetary transits for the month and understand how Mars in Sagittarius is showing up in your natal chart – or how you can work with Jupiter in Libra for the next year?

online astrology training with DK BrainardSeveral students in my previous online astrology classes have gone on to become professional astrologers or integrate astrology into their other healing practices. But this is the first class I’ve taught in several years and we’re going to take advantage of the cloud-computing revolution (the fact that you can now access almost any astrological data you need from anywhere…right there on your phone).

We are having a total blast in the Fall 2016 class and I plan to offer it again in January. Updates and info will be posted on my mailing list and Facebook page. Live classes will be held on Thursday evenings at 9 pm EST. You’ll also get video lessons and workbooks emailed to you each week and have access to a secret Facebook group where you can ask questions, advance wild hypotheses, and practice your chart interpretation skills. And, if you can’t make all the live classes, fear not: live classes will be recorded and available afterwards as streaming video.

Course size is limited so I’ll be able to help you if you get stuck – and you’ll have the option of connecting with some very cool visionary women (and hopefully a dude or two). You can see all the glorious details here. Or take a shortcut to the 9 reasons why I think you’ll love this class.

Watch the video below (3:30) for a tiny preview of the kind of transcendent techniques, astrology secrets, and practical wisdom you’ll be privy to as a participant in the course.

Want to Learn Astrology?

 Astrology Training Videos with DK Brainard


9 Reasons To Take My New Online Astrology Course

The Autumn astrology course is filled and under way. I plan to offer the Learn Astrology 1: Basic Chart Interpretation + Key Transits class again in January 2017. To stay apprised, please join my mailing list in the right sidebar.

Here are 9 reasons you’ll learn more practical astrology know-how than you ever thought possible in less than three months::

  1. DK also teaches astrology online to adults.You get instructional and explanatory videos + a comprehensive workbook + exercises emailed to you every week for 10 weeks.
  2. A secret Facebook group moderated by me, in which I will answer your questions and where you can practice and learn from other participants.
  3. A weekly live online workshop, joinable by phone or video connection. This will be a premium feature in future roll-outs but it’s included for no extra charge in this initial roll-out.
  4. All of the “live” classes will be recorded and posted to your personal library.
  5. I’m a super fun teacher and a master explainer who will help you “chunk it down” to what you need to know in order to read your chart.
  6. You can stream or download all of the videos and download all the workbooks and exercises from your personal library – even after the class ends.
  7. Exercises for each week go from beginner to fairly advanced. If you’re more of a beginner, you can keep up by just doing the beginner exercises – and you’ll have another layer of learning waiting for you when the course is over. If you’re more advanced, you won’t be bored!
  8. You’ll be using your own natal chart as a learning tool. (We’ll use other charts, too, of course – but whose chart is more important to understand than yours?)
  9. And…bonus:  Sign up for this round and you can take the Level 1 training again for free the next time it’s offered. Hey, life happens. Things come up, If you should get derailed halfway through, for whatever reason, you’ll have a free pass to join the class again next time.

I’ll Teach You How to Think About Astrology (Like An Astrologer)

Astrology ‘cookbooks’ are great. So are sets of rules and guidelines. But when it comes to interpreting astrology charts, experience is the best teacher. The great thing about the Information Age is that in five minutes on your phone you can pull up five different explanations for Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. The problematic thing is that now you have five different – likely rather vague – stories to contend with. And you still don’t know which of these stories is the most accurate fit for your Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon and Sagittarius Ascendant birth chart.

Throughout this course, I’ll be helping you understand not only how to apply the basic rules of chart interpretation, but also how to evaluate the impact of transits in your very own natal chart.  I’ll also show you free or awesomely inexpensive apps and sites you can use to practice on your own. Plus, you’ll get to practice with warm-hearted but cool creatives, healers and businesswomen (maybe a couple businessmen?) – if you’re into that sort of thing. (You can lone-wolf it, if you prefer; you choose how much social interaction you want with other participants.)

Whatcha waiting for? Hop on the bus, Gus:

You're in the best seat in the house with DK's online astrology course.

Register Here: Learn Astrology 1 with DK Brainard: Practical Chart Interpretation

Astro Update: Uranus-Eris Craziness, Capricorn Full Moon, Freedom from Shame

Uranus and Eris

A lot of us have been having weird symptoms again. Insomnia, vertigo, free-floating, sudden onset anxiety, nervous system anomalies, unexpected outbursts of rage, bizarre money events (good and bad). Those are just the ones I’ve heard about in the last week. And of course there’s the crazy shit happening with people and guns in society. Continue reading

Habit Hacks for Rebel Tendency People?

How I’m Attempting to Pscyh Myself into The Habits I Want

If it’s true that my daily habits are the difference between mediocrity and success, then I want to develop the right daily habits. But, how do I square this with my tendency to rebel against expectations?

The answer: I don’t know.

But I want to find out.

Here are a few ideas I’m working with to try to solve this mystery: Continue reading

Why Do We Resist Good Habits?

Daily Habits and Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies

tick-tockIn my post on the power of doing something every day, I mentioned how Gretchen Rubin’s book Better than Before was just about to inspire me to start some positive new habits when Mars went retrograde and my “new start” energy seemed to dissipate into thin air.

Since the Mars Rx ended, I’m back to reading the book and trying to apply Rubin’s insights to motivate myself.

The biggest insight I’ve gained from the book so far (and believe me, it is full of fun, piquant observations) is looking at my habit patterns through the lens of Rubin’s Four Tendencies framework. Continue reading

The Power of Doing Something Every Day

Daily Habits as the Key to Success?

better-than-beforeI started reading Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before in February, a few weeks before Mars stationed retrograde. It’s a fascinating exploration into how different people form habits, and how knowing thyself a little better can help you actually succeed at making a good habit (or breaking a bad one).

I’ve been taking classes from producer and electronic musician Jason Timothy – I really dig his sacred warrior approach to music-making. In the intro materials to one of his classes I read the following statement: Continue reading

My State of the Union

If You Choose to Follow Your Heart

There comes a time in every human life where one must decide to either follow one’s heart or to live an increasingly hollow existence attempting to meet the expectations of parents, partner, or society. Although the latter choice leads inevitably to infirmity of the spirit, dulling of the mind, and weakening of the body, it does carry with it the comfort of conformity.

For those of us who choose, repeatedly, to follow our hearts, Life is a much more uncertain – and often more volatile – adventure. To expect those close to us to support us in this choice, or even to understand it, is at times to much to ask. Continue reading

The Power of Getting Started

(This post is copied from my Patreon page.)

I was journaling about “just getting started” this morning, and then a few minutes ago I saw AfroDJMac’s post on the topic.

I’m usually working on 3-4 projects simultaneously. I think – being a moody Pisces – this usually works for me. When I get stuck or burned out on one song I can just move over to another one. It’s like creative cross-fertilization or crop rotation.

BUT I realized one reason I procrastinate with music stuff is that I get stuck ruminating on “Which project should I work on today?”

Subconsciously I’m weighing it up as this huge investment. Like, I’d better choose the right project or I’ll have wasted my day. In reality I’m wasting my day by not “just getting started”.

I gave myself permission to dump that old story today by saying: just pick one and set a timer for 5 minutes. If it feels like the wrong one when the timer dings, pick another one…

(I had about 40 minutes music time today. I spent 35 of them totally rockin’ out and making big progress on a live performance technique I’ve been trying to figure out! That was five hours ago and I’m still mildly buzzing from it 😆)

I’ve read – and written – quite a bit about the “just get started” thing, but I had never thought of it in terms of inertia and momentum. Whether you’re a musician or not, I think you’ll find AfroDJMac’s inertia/momentum angle helpful too.

Fight Perfectionism with Creative Constraints

Limits, Pt. 2

In this recent post on voluntarily embracing limits as a way of increasing creative output, I talk about the limits I used to record a live looping version of Traffic’s Dear Mr. Fantasy.

I also made a video – mainly because I know some of my readers prefer to listen to music on YouTube. The video took me about two hours to make. (Obviously, I have no ambitions of being the next Stanley Kubrick.)  I limited myself to using: Continue reading