Auric Fields Music Video

We made a video for Aetheric Resonance, the first track on my new sound healing record Auric Fields.

Auric Fields – Aetheric Resonance | Sound Healing Music 528 Hz Solfeggio Ambient Nature Sounds on YouTube

I really love this video – big thanks to Phoenix at Cosmic Fire Records for her help and art direction! The nature imagery and colors speak to the intention behind this track and the healing potential of the solfeggio tones at least as eloquently as any description I can come up with using words. If you like it, please “smash that like button” and leave a comment on YouTube.

Everything Is Perfectly Fine In This Moment

This meditative piece that turns into a happy little song in the last minute came out of a dark moment. One of those days when I felt paralyzed, stuck in the mud of unhappy thoughts. The Mind Parasites had brought their A game and me…? I felt like a total loser.

One of those days where you tell yourself, “Just play up your damn guitar – five minutes – and you’ll feel better.” But you just stare at it, across the room, knowing you’re too much of a chump to walk over and even pick it up.

And then this thunderstorm rolled in. It was a clear summer day and suddenly the sky turned dark, the lightning crashed, the heavens opened up and the rain came down. And I got excited about trying to record the thunder and the rain on my iPhone. I ran outside under the front awning. I ran upstairs to the little back balcony. I trotted down the hall to my studio.

And I spent the next few hours in creative nirvana….