Everything Is Perfectly Fine In This Moment

This meditative piece that turns into a happy little song in the last minute came out of a dark moment. One of those days when I felt paralyzed, stuck in the mud of unhappy thoughts. The Mind Parasites had brought their A game and me…? I felt like a total loser.

One of those days where you tell yourself, “Just play up your damn guitar – five minutes – and you’ll feel better.” But you just stare at it, across the room, knowing you’re too much of a chump to walk over and even pick it up.

And then this thunderstorm rolled in. It was a clear summer day and suddenly the sky turned dark, the lightning crashed, the heavens opened up and the rain came down. And I got excited about trying to record the thunder and the rain on my iPhone. I ran outside under the front awning. I ran upstairs to the little back balcony. I trotted down the hall to my studio.

And I spent the next few hours in creative nirvana….

On my walk today…

What I’m Thinking about When I’m Walking

I do a lot of meditating in motion nowadays. I thought it might be interesting to record my stream of consciousness on my daily walk. The results reminded me of a period when I was crashing at April and Chad’s pad in Berkeley and had just read one of Castaneda’s Don Juan books. I forget which one – I’ve read several of them more than once. But I seized on Don Juan’s statement that if a person would just write down their entire stream of consciousness for (a week? 10 days?) they would overcome the egoic mind and enter a permanent state of nonordinary consciousness.  Continue reading