Sagittarius Full Moon Podcast June 17 2019

The Cosmic Imperative

The Naked Songwriter Podcast #43

Today’s Sagittarius Full Moon conjunct the Galactic Center caps a week of intense emotional waves, preparing us for the upcoming eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn. For those on the path of ascension, this alignment marks the beginning of a period of accelerated evolution.
Sagittarius Full Moon Galactic Center Podcast DK Brainard

We’ve been bombarded by high-frequency rays emanating from the center of our galaxy all month. This can feel overwhelming at times, but it is flooding our bodies and minds with higher-order frequencies that enable us to release massive amounts of old trauma, programming, and blocked emotions from the mind-body system.

In this podcast, I explore how the alignment of Mars and Mercury in Cancer opposition Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has been building to peak intensity just in time for the release offered by today’s Full Moon.

Spiritually, the Galactic Center seems to function as a transmitter of Source energy. Scientists are discovering that – even in 3D reality – the GC is incredibly powerful and mysterious. In addition to shooting particles out at greater than the speed of light, the GC possesses a well-defined structure that looks curiously like a 3D rendering of the infinity symbol.

Sagittarius Full Moon Galactic Center DK BrainardNASA scientists recently discovered “a previously unseen structure” at the center of the Milky Way – two gamma-ray-emitting bubbles that extend 25,000 light-years north and south of the galactic center.

“The bubble emissions are much more energetic than the gamma-ray fog seen elsewhere in the Milky Way and appear to have well-defined edges,” according to NASA. “The structure’s shape and emissions suggest it was formed as a result of a large and relatively rapid energy release – the source of which remains a mystery.”



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