Two new Chiron astrology videos

I’m working on a new series of Chiron astrology videos: who is Chiron, what does he symbolize in the natal chart, and how can we align with this powerful healing archetype?

Chiron is an archetype I was powerfully drawn to once I had mastered the basics of astrology. As I mention in the videos, I feel that Chiron is a powerful redeemer archetype. I have found the first-discovered Centaur to be tremendously helpful both in my astrology work with clients and in my personal journey with astrology and with the Inner Guide Meditation.

In these first two videos, I explore some of the keys to understanding Chiron as an archetype and look at what makes him such a unique “planet” in astrology. You can read more about what’s in each video here on my Substack archive. Or watch them on my YouTube channel below. (If you want me to make more of these free video astrology lessons, please like, comment and subscribe on my channel!)

Nessus: The Ultimate Anti-Hero

Lust for Life

Nessus has been transiting my Pisces Sun over the last couple months (and will be back again in the fall of 2015). Nessus is one of the Centaurs, a group of recently discovered planetoids with very irregular orbits that extend from as far in as Jupiter to as far out as Pluto. Nessus’ orbit connects the orbits of Saturn (authority, fear, responsibility) and Pluto (repressed energies, obsessive fears and desires, regeneration).

Astrologically, all of the Centaurs activate and illuminate the psychological Shadow, bringing repressed feelings and drives to the forefront of consciousness so they can be assimilated and integrated. Centaur transits can be quite painful precisely because they force us to pay attention to the energies within the soul that we don’t want to have to see or feel. Continue reading