Auric Fields: Sound Healing + Meditation Music

My new sound healing album, Auric Fields is now available on Bandcamp. In fact, there are two versions of the album, one with brainwave entrainment and one without.

Why two versions?

My intention with Auric Fields was to make a sound healing album that people would want to listen to repeatedly, a record that you can enjoy with good headphones or play through speakers as ambient background music. From the beginning I incorporated brainwave entrainment at the Schumann resonance. But at some point I realized the brainwave entrainment plus the solfeggio tones created such a heightened relaxation response that I couldn’t listen to it when I needed to stay alert. There’s more to that story which you can read here on my Substack.

The 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency

The chimes and vocal tones on the record center on the ancient solfeggio tone of 528 Hz. Often called the “miracle frequency,” 528 Hz has been extensively studied by both scientists and mystics. Chlorophyll vibrates at this frequency, bees pollinating flowers buzz at or near this frequency, and it is the frequency of light and color at the center of the rainbow. Scientific studies have shown that this tone assists in – and perhaps directly facilitates – DNA healing and repair. It was famously used to purify water in the Gulf of Mexico by John and Nancy Hutchison in 2010 after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

To be honest, I was skeptical about the solfeggio frequencies for a long time. But I started experimenting with them on myself several years ago and started to feel there was something going on there. The only problem, as with a lot of sound healing or meditation music, was finding music based on 528 Hz that I actually wanted to listen to.

So I set out on a (surprisingly long) journey to create that music. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Making Auric Fields

I recorded the vocal toning on the record in a meditative state while visualizing my desired outcomes for the listener, specifically that the healing frequencies in the music are helping you to repair any damage to your aura caused by EMFs, heavy metals, trauma, noise pollution, and environmental toxins. And helping you to strengthen your aura so that any negative frequencies or energies encountered in the future are reflected by your aura or transformed into neutral or positive energies. I believe these tracks can also be used to assist in the healing of many other physical and emotional symptoms of dis-ease, but I’m not a Rockefeller-certified “medical doctor” so I won’t actually say that out loud.

 Almost all, if not all of the nature sounds on the record have a special resonance for me. I recorded the creek on Arcadian Rhythms at my friend Lisa’s house in Vermont. I recorded almost all of the bird calls on Tracks 1 & 3 either in my backyard or on my daily walks in various places in the Southeastern U.S. (The birds are my friends and I can vouch for the healing qualities of their singing!)

Phoenix and I recorded the frogs and crickets in North Carolina and Tennessee. The gong on Arcadian Rhythms is a Thermos gently struck with a mallet, pitch-shifted and time-stretched and run through a couple delays. The “night wind” sound on Arcadian Rhythms is our dog Kobi’s rhythmic breathing as he sleeps, run through a Frohmage filter and some other effects.

All that to say, I really wanted to make a record where I was in love with all of the sounds because I truly believe that real sound healing comes from a combination of frequency and intention.

Suggestions for Listening

As you’re listening, you might visualize your aura filled with the yellow-green light at the center of a rainbow, a soft field of light protected by a lattice of tiny, sparkling crystals that reflect back any unhealthy or unwanted energies.

The 528 Hz “DNA repair frequency” is rumored to be incredibly powerful for healing, so you might also listen with the intention of healing trauma, rejuvenating your mental, physical, and emotional bodies, and dissolving energetic blockages. 

Your intention is more powerful than you might yet realize. I hope this music gives you hours of listening pleasure and helps you create a safe and vibrant inner space for deep healing, rejuvenation, and creative imagination.