The Miracle of Encountering Your Greatness

Aries Full Moon 2019 – Cosmic Turning Point

The Naked Songwriter Podcast #51

This Libra lunar cycle has been shockingly difficult for many of us. If you’ve been getting hammered by the gods (or in your relationships), here’s the good news: It’s all designed to help you have a real encounter with your inherent greatness.

Aries Full Moon October 2019 astrology podcast DK Brainard[podcast]

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2 thoughts on “The Miracle of Encountering Your Greatness

  1. Marja-Lena says:

    Everything you said!!!how timely, my birthday was yesterday, sad, anxious …this is bullshit day. Then was listening to Corins transmission ab Bringing ancestor tree and letting the last leaves blow with the west wind into the sunset, to make room for the new buds and letting all the shame go..thank you am in Finland still looking at the full moon its 1:30 am listening to..thank you

  2. DK Brainard says:

    Marja-Lena! SO glad I could show up with inspiration on your birthday. We are totally making room for the new with all of the clearing of the old we have done this year. May this next year bring your best dreams to you! – DK

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