Foundations of Astrology: Understanding Your Birth Chart

Course Syllabus

Week 1 – Astrology as a Living Language

  • Astrology as the study of unique moments in time
  • The 7 building blocks
  • Introduction to signs, planets and houses
  • What you most definitely should not try to do with astrology!

Week 2 – The Signs as Archetypal Containers

  • The 12 flavors of experience
  • Archetypes for each sign
  • The glyphs and animals for each sign
  • Your first chart interpretation: the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant formula

Week 3 – The Signs, Part 2: The EMO Matrix

  • The 4 elements: qualities of energy
  • The 3 modes: how energy moves
  • The 3 orientations: ways of seeing
  • Who needs a cookbook? Take your EMO matrix, stir in archetypes, add a dash of glyph and animal symbolism and voilà: you’re interpreting charts…

Week 4 – The Planets: The Inner Planets

  • Deeper into archetypes
  • Inner versus Outer planets
  • Inner Planets: Sun – Mars, Jupiter/Saturn
  • What does it mean if my planets are retrograde?!

Week 5 – The Planets: The Outer Planets

  • The evolutionary catalysts
  • Uranus: the Awakener
  • Neptune: the Divine Imagination
  • Pluto & the Underworld Journey
  • Chiron: the Wounded Healer

Week 6 – The Houses

  • The Houses – areas of life experience
  • Rulerships and dispositors: the chain of command
  • How to read your horoscope, part 1 (house cusps and degrees)

Week 7 – Aspects Part 1

  • The aspects – how planets connect
  • The basic aspects: hard vs soft
  • Orbs of influence
  • Applying vs. separating. Which planet controls the meeting?

Week 8 – Aspects Part 2

  • Techniques for identifying aspects
  • Aspect patterns put the focus on – exceptional focus
  • What’s happening now? Introduction to transits
  • The secret key: introducing the alien patterns

Week 9 – Finding the Soul Mission 1: Pluto and the Nodes

  • Interpreting Pluto by sign and house placement
  • The Nodes: Past-life karma and evolutionary path in this lifetime
  • Putting It All Together Part 1 (a formula for interpreting your chart)