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9 Reasons To Take My New Online Astrology Course

The Autumn astrology course is filled and under way. I plan to offer the Learn Astrology 1: Basic Chart Interpretation + Key Transits class again in January 2017. To stay apprised, please join my mailing list in the right sidebar.

Here are 9 reasons you’ll learn more practical astrology know-how than you ever thought possible in less than three months:

  1. Astrology Training Videos with DK BrainardYou get instructional and explanatory videos + a comprehensive workbook + exercises emailed to you every week for 10 weeks.
  2. A secret Facebook group moderated by me, in which I will answer your questions and where you can practice and learn from other participants.
  3. A weekly live online workshop, joinable by phone or video connection. This will be a premium feature in future roll-outs but it’s included for no extra charge in this initial roll-out.
  4. All of the “live” classes will be recorded and posted to your personal library.
  5. I’m a super fun teacher and a master explainer who will help you “chunk it down” to what you need to know in order to read your chart.
  6. You can stream or download all of the videos and download all the workbooks and exercises from your personal library – even after the class ends.
  7. Exercises for each week go from beginner to fairly advanced. If you’re more of a beginner, you can keep up by just doing the beginner exercises – and you’ll have another layer of learning waiting for you when the course is over. If you’re more advanced, you won’t be bored!
  8. You’ll be using your own natal chart as a learning tool. (We’ll use other charts, too, of course – but whose chart is more important to understand than yours?)
  9. And…bonus:  Sign up for this round and you can take the Level 1 training again for free the next time it’s offered. Hey, life happens. Things come up, If you should get derailed halfway through, for whatever reason, you’ll have a free pass to join the class again next time.

I’ll Teach You How to Think About Astrology (Like An Astrologer)

Astrology ‘cookbooks’ are great. So are sets of rules and guidelines. But when it comes to interpreting astrology charts, experience is the best teacher. The great thing about the Information Age is that in five minutes on your phone you can pull up five different explanations for Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. The problematic thing is that now you have five different – likely rather vague – stories to contend with. And you still don’t know which of these stories is the most accurate fit for your Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon and Sagittarius Ascendant birth chart.

Throughout this course, I’ll be helping you understand not only how to apply the basic rules of chart interpretation, but also how to evaluate the impact of transits in your very own natal chart.  I’ll also show you free or awesomely inexpensive apps and sites you can use to practice on your own. Plus, you’ll get to practice with warm-hearted but cool creatives, healers and businesswomen (maybe a couple businessmen?) – if you’re into that sort of thing. (You can lone-wolf it, if you prefer; you choose how much social interaction you want with other participants.)

Whatcha waiting for? Hop on the bus, Gus:

You're in the best seat in the house with DK's online astrology course.

Register Here: Learn Astrology 1 with DK Brainard: Practical Chart Interpretation

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