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If You Choose to Follow Your Heart

There comes a time in every human life where one must decide to either follow one’s heart or to live an increasingly hollow existence attempting to meet the expectations of parents, partner, or society. Although the latter choice leads inevitably to infirmity of the spirit, dulling of the mind, and weakening of the body, it does carry with it the comfort of conformity.

For those of us who choose, repeatedly, to follow our hearts, Life is a much more uncertain – and often more volatile – adventure. To expect those close to us to support us in this choice, or even to understand it, is at times to much to ask.

For every brave soul who says, “I want to live! I must discover how to live fully, joyfully, authentically. Because for me, merely existing is not enough,” there will be times when we find ourselves alone, confused, unable to explain or justify the actions that brought us to this place.

To the onlooker, at these times, we must certainly appear as fools flailing around in the dark. And in the darkest of these moments, we ourselves may agree with those who judge us for diverging from the well-trodden path that the rest of the herd travels on.

“Surely, I must be crazy,” we mutter as we watch the flame of our faith ebb to almost nothing. And yet, even in that moment when we cry out, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me,” we are, almost imperceptibly, lifted by Grace.

Although we may not feel Grace in our darkest hour, we know that this is true. For we can look back and see that, always, something within us arises and gives us the strength to point our compass again in the direction we believe to be true North. And, trusting beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend, we see ourselves put one foot before the other, guided by the unseen power that compels us onward.

Will we get ‘there’ in the end? We don’t really know, do we?

Does it matter? Not really, because as long as we are on this journey, we live!

Give me Liberty, or give me Death.

Here’s where I’m at in my journey – and by the way, while it’s true we do have moments alone in the dark night of the soul, those moments usually do not have to be as long as we make them by not reaching out for help:

1. I am still doing astrology readings and I’m particularly enjoying doing the three-session coaching packages. As are my current clients, as you can see in the Client Quotes section on the personal coaching page.

2. I did not end up accepting full-time employment with a global technology corporation. Although the idea of a full-time situation was floated and discussed by both sides back in April, it made more sense for me to work as a freelancer. Not least because these negotiations were happening while Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were all retrograde!

The project I’ve been working on involves developing and writing scripts for a series of videos about people who are using technology to bring more humanity into the world. I just completed the second script yesterday, for a video that’s scheduled to be shot in Argentina the week of July 17. The first video was temporarily derailed due to legal agreements but should be back on for August.

In the meantime, the other proposed videos in the series appear to be on hold – at least until the first two videos have been finished.

3. Which means: I have time on my hands and money on my mind. So if you want some expert insight, coaching or business consulting, now is a great time to reach out and see how we can help each other.

4. And my freelance writing site is up. It was designed by Mary Long, who is as talented a coach as she is a designer.

Finally, the astrological climate continues to be a cause of concern for many of us, in particular the water signs along with Aries, Capricorn and some of Libra. However, once Mercury (on Monday, 7/11) and the Sun (on Saturday, 7/16) complete their square aspects to Uranus, the energy should calm down and settle in to a more steady, forward-moving pace.

– DK


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