Saturn Review/Preview: Maximize Your Inner Authority

What Saturn Really Wants

Saturn Capricorn mastery

Saturn’s tough love is designed to help us achieve mastery and success.

Understanding what Saturn wants when he enters a new sign can make the difference between three years of misery and three years of mastery and success. And it’s even bigger than that. Since Saturn governs the structures that support our steady growth over a 30-year period, how well you master your Saturn lessons now will have a major impact on how good your life looks and feels 15-20 years from now!

Saturn’s return to his rulership sign of Capricorn on December 19 will bring each of us new challenges and opportunities. Saturn may also leave a nice big gift at the door as he exits Sagittarius, if you’ve been a diligent student of the Teacher Planet’s “Aligning with Your Soul’s Purpose” curriculum since 2015.

Fortunately, the current Mercury retrograde began with Mercury conjunct Saturn in alignment with the Galactic Center – the source beacon of cosmic intelligence in our quadrant of space. Meaning: even if you fell asleep during Saturn’s (admittedly repetitive and monotone) lectures while he was in Sagittarius, you still have time to discover what you missed and take meaningful action to catch up.

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How to Maximize Your Inner Authority as Saturn Moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn

Here are some astrological keys to working with Saturn’s sign change from the enthusiastic, outspoken, “zero limits” energy of fire sign Sagittarius to the pragmatic, systems-oriented, “just the facts, ma’am” energy of earth sign Capricorn:

1. Take inventory.

Saturn wants you to do a thorough review of the progress you’ve made in the houses where Sagittarius lives in your natal and solar charts.

  • Note where you’ve improved. If Sagittarius is in your 6th House, Saturn wants you to list the new habits or process improvements you’ve implemented to deal more efficiently with your daily work and your health/fitness.
  • Be honest about where you’ve fallen short. Remember that Saturn prizes objectivity over feelings. If Saturn has been in your 4th House since 2015 and you still haven’t fixed that plumbing leak, it’s time to face your fears. The 4th House symbolizes home, but also shows your relationship to your family of origin. Could that slow, constant leak symbolize a drain on your emotions from failing to deal with your father issues? Taking an honest inventory activates your Saturn inner authority energy so you can improve going forward.

2. Honor your victories. 

  • It’s important to celebrate your successes. Saturn’s fearsome reputation is well-earned. Honoring the fact that you buckled down and did the hard work to get better – and even better understanding what enabled you to commit to success – gives you leverage for the growth opportunities Saturn in Capricorn is bringing you.
  • If you went back to school to get a degree or new certification while Saturn was in your 9th House (Aries and Aries Rising), you can repurpose the systems you developed to balance your obligations to school, work and family and use them to grow your career between now and 2021.

3. Identify the life areas symbolized by Capricorn in both your natal and solar chart and strategize for success.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising natives will be learning how to think more pragmatically as Saturn transits their 3rd House.  They will be learning strategies for communicating their thoughts in practical, grounded language so that their wisdom can be received by others. These folks may also be learning how to tame their emotions and structure their time so they can finally write that book that’s inside of them.

  • In the life areas symbolized by the houses Capricorn inhabits, take an honest look at what needs to improve. You can count on Saturn testing you on these things.
  • Identify specific strategies for improvement – including the fear, shame or low self-esteem that has kept you from improving here in the past.
  • Commit to facing your fears and doing your best over the next three years. Activating your inner authority can be as simple as deciding that, whether you succeed or fail, you will definitely persevere. Saturn rewards perseverance and determination.

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