How to Read Your Horoscope for Fun and Profit

Learn astrology by Reading Your Horoscope

New online interactive class starts June 14

In this class I’m going to share trade secrets utilized by all horoscope columnists that – once you know them – will empower you to:

your chart, blossoming

Inner Sun – photo collage by DK.

  • Realistically assess which days, weeks and months are going to be easier or more challenging for you.
  • Avoid falling prey to self-fulfilling prophecies of doom or disaster.
  • Know which signs and planets you need to focus on when reading your horoscope.
  • Use free apps and websites – or inexpensive astrological calendars and day planners – to calibrate where the events mentioned in your horoscope are actually happening for you.
  • Use your weekly horoscope to teach yourself astrology!

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About that last bullet point. Believe it or not, I taught myself the basics of astrology by reading my favorite astrologers’ horoscopes and then asking myself how the astrologer came up with that prediction. I went on to write a popular online weekly horoscope column that was followed by thousands of people in more than 20 countries

I can’t promise you fame as an astrologist and I obviously can’t share all my secrets about the Divine Art in two short, sweet and inexpensive classes. But I can share the core knowledge you need to know in order become an active participant in the astrology of your life.

How We’re Going to Do It

In the first class, I’ll give you a 60-minute lesson on the key techniques astrologers use to write weekly and monthly horoscopes. You’ll be following along in the handout, which includes definitions for the signs, planets, houses, aspects and more. I’ll demonstrate how to apply this knowledge using participants’ charts and horoscope columns submitted by willing participants.

Then I’ll open the class to questions and use your charts and favorite horoscopes to illustrate and clarify.

Intermission: Over the next four weeks, you’ll practice applying what you learned in the first class and in the class handout to your own chart. When you get stuck or can’t figure something out, you’ll send me your question, along with the horoscope that stumped you.

In the second class, we’ll follow a Q&A format based on your questions and the practice exercises in the handout. I’ll again demonstrate using participant charts and submitted horoscopes.

What’s Included?

Here’s what you’ll get as a participant:

  • Two 90-minute live classes you can join by computer video, audio or telephone¹
  • The opportunity to submit your chart and your favorite weekly or monthly horoscope column for me to use in demonstrating these techniques.
  • Access codes to the live online classes (free from anywhere via computer voice or video).
  • Access to the video recordings of the classes.
  • A copy of your natal chart and your solar (Sun sign) chart if you don’t already have them.
  • Concise tables that will enable you to quickly discern the meanings of the traditional signs, planets and houses astrologers use in horoscope writing.
  • A list of inexpensive astrology tools and resources you can use to deepen your understanding.

Core Topics

We’ll address these subjects (as well as, I’m sure, many others):

  • The houses – the hidden key to understanding astrology
  • Locating a transiting planet in the house it currently occupies in your natal chart
  • The difference between natal and Sun sign charts
  • “What if I’m born on the cusp?”
  • “My Ascendant is at the end of Aquarius and most of my 1st House is Pisces – which horoscope should I read?!”
  • The most important planets and aspects you need to pay attention to
  • A formula for finding the intrinsic impact each planet will have in each house of your chart
  • The Moon as emotional barometer

Class details

This workshop is closed. You can see other 2017 astrology classes here. Or join my email list or follow my Facebook page to be notified for future classes.

Date/Time: The first live class will be held on Wednesday, June 14 from 8-9:30 pm EDT (New York City timezone).

The second class is scheduled for Tuesday, July 11³

The trainings will be recorded and all participants will have streaming and online access to the video and audio recordings as well as the course handout and exercises. (You’re welcome to take the course if you can’t make one or both of the live calls but please let me know so I can open up an extra space.)

Class size: Limited to 12 participants.

Skill Level: This class is appropriate for ‘beginning intermediate’ learners. (You have at least a basic idea of what the planets and signs symbolize, you know a conjunction from a square – in other words, you’re interested in astrology and you’ve read a book or two or spent some time obsessively Google searching astrology definitions.)²


1 – Calls from computer audio or video are free most places. See the Zoom web site for full details.

2 – The fee is non-refundable. However, if you get on the first call and you’re in absolutely over your head (doubtful, but it has happened) we can remove you from the course list and I’ll give you a credit you can apply towards a different course.

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