The Taurus Supermoon

Black Moon Lilith and the Election (Part 1)

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At Shoshone California by Murray Foubister (creative commons).

Shock? Grief? Disbelief? Anger?

Can anyone say shadow sides? On Election Day the Sun was approaching its once-a-year conjunction with Black Moon Lilith, the avenging goddess of the suppressed feminine. This conjunction became exact early this morning, and is now separating. However, Monday morning’s Super Moon is close enough to Black Moon Lilith to keep the shadow energetics high through the weekend.

I’m as surprised as anyone over the election results. I honestly believe that what happened Tuesday will, in the long run, be revealed to be the best possible result for helping us transition into the New Renaissance / Creative Age we incarnated to bring about. But the flood of grief and yuck the election unleashed has been overwhelming for many of us sensitives.

So, what do you need to know?

1. When Black Moon Lilith is activated, the tendency to project our shadow sides out onto others is extremely strong. The fact this is happening in the sign of Scorpio – the sign that dives deepest into the dark regions of the soul with the intent of alchemically transforming fear, shame and rage into power – supercharges this process.

Be aware that some of what you have been feeling and will continue to feel this week is not really “your stuff”. A huge amount of grief, shame, fear, and rage is being dumped into the ocean of the collective consciousness. If you’re sensitive, you’re soaking some of that stuff up. Grounding, clearing, grounding again and clearing again are necessary survival skills right now.

2. What are we gonna do now? (To quote Joe Strummer) I really didn’t think America would elect Donald Trump as our new president. But apparently our racist, misogynist, money-grubbing shadow runs deeper than we like to think. Does the election result change our mission? No! We came here to help birth a new world. We can’t fulfill that mission by getting sucked into believing in the Grand Illusion – of which the presidential circus is merely a small part.

We fulfill our mission by transmuting our own shadow stuff into light and power – which we use to create a better system. (If you want to clean up the polluted air, you don’t do it by going to work at the plastics factory and arguing with your coworkers about whether making plastic widgets is good for the planet. You find another way to make a living and you plant trees and you live as joyfully as you can while cleaning up the trash you find in your part of the world. And you encourage your neighbors who are also leaving the plastic factory to live more organically.)

Ra Ma Kaur

Activate Your Money Energy with DK and Ra Ma

I’m going to be exploring this with my friend and colleague Ra Ma Kaur in a special three-part webinar that starts under the light of the Taurus Supermoon on Sunday night. We’ll be exploring the relationship between money and energy and looking at ways you can upgrade your operating system from old shame-based beliefs around value, self-worth, and your giftedness in order to enjoy more prosperity doing more of what you love. I’ve known Ra Ma for many years; she is a gifted, compassionate, visionary healer and we are going to have a lot of fun rocking some new prosperity into our lives together. Get more info or sign up here.

3. The positive side of Black Moon Lilith is cleansing anger. Lilith says, feel the hurt that has been squashed deep down inside you from all the times you’ve been abused, denied, and shamed for being who you are. When you are willing to touch that toxic shame that causes you to believe that it is unsafe to shine your light into the world; when you finally realize just how how systematically you’ve been repressed, suppressed, your will broken, your spirit crushed by people who had the power and authority over you — then you will feel my healing anger surge up within you and it will push out the toxic shame and it will burn away the fear. And you will finally stand up and say, “No! I take my power back. It was never yours to begin with. No matter how you try to shame me and control me, I am going to live my life.”

4. The Taurus Full Moon. This third “Super Moon” of 2016 is the closest a Full Moon has been to Earth since 1948, according to NASA. Just remember that the Full Moon magnetizes material from the unconscious and brings it out into the open so we can become aware of it and work with it consciously. When the Moon is at her closest orbital point to Earth, her pull on the unconscious is magnified.

I believe this Full Moon is a very positive cosmic event but it will also continue to accentuate the shadow dynamics we’ve been feeling for the last two weeks. So…be aware. We may find it quasi-impossible not to project our own shadows, but we can remain on guard and we can apologize when we catch ourselves doing it. And we can be aware when our partners, friends, or the woman-hating lout on the street are projecting onto us.

With this awareness we remember it is not our job to accept others’ shadow projections. We can then activate Black Moon Lilith’s healing anger and use it – not to attack – but to strengthen our own boundaries and to energize our commitment to living our own unique purpose and creating a prosperous, joyful new reality.

P.S. Are you ready for the next four years? My Life Purpose astrology/tarot readings have been really powerful under this incredible alchemical energy signature.

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