Capricorn New Moon Mercury Retrograde December 29 2016

Toward a New Golden Age?

Today’s Capricorn New Moon (this morning, 1:55 am EST) activates the degree of “domesticated birds in the house singing happily”.

The New Moon makes positive sextile aspects to Mars and Neptune in Pisces, encouraging us to restructure our lives in ways that empower us to move steadily towards our highest vision of ourselves and of our world.

The Moon is now in nearly exact conjunction with Pluto (12/29 – 7 p.m. EST USA) and forms a dynamic T-square pattern with Jupiter and Uranus which peaks around midnight Eastern time tonight. This energy pattern could bring outbursts, surprises, and sudden course reversals or other unexpected occurrences. Anything of this nature that happens will be designed to help us understand more clearly the themes of both the New Moon and the Mercury Retrograde.

It could also bring sudden illumination or enlightenment. Remember: Jupiter-Uranus is trying to awaken you to your inner divinity. This powerful planetary meeting is designed to set us free. See any pain or shock that might arise as the power of your awakening soul bumping against restrictive structures or entrenched patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The energy of awakening is so powerful under this astrology. Look for the thread of gold and you will find it.

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