Gratitude and belonging

church by sea (c) DK Brainard 2016Last week I came down with a strong case of the Kundalini Fever. Or the Ascension Flu. Whatever you want to call it, it was gnarly. Migraines, nausea, bizarre hot flashes, no sleep, nothing but sleep, dropping things, verbal part of brain shutting down mid-sentence and refusing to come back online. Am I cracking up? Or cracking open?  Continue reading

Hammered by the Gods (and Goddess) Part 2

A Creative Response to the Blows of Fate?

I’ve spent the last week dealing with migraines. It has been an interesting experience. I’ve had ‘migraine clusters’ in the past – times when I’ve gotten three migraines over a two-week period, for example. This one has been different. I’ve come to think of it as one long migraine. Sometimes I feel almost fine, other times I feel woozy but mostly functional – and then there have been the days where I just have to lie down and be still.

As you might imagine, I’ve found this sense of being repeatedly incapacitated somewhat frustrating. Continue reading

Hammered by the Gods (and Goddess)

Pluto, Uranus, Black Moon Lilith – And Mercury Retrograde

Remember when the first two or three weeks of the year seemed to pass in this weird, foggy limbo state?  That’s how I remember it – “nothing happens in the first two weeks of January anyway.” From Christmas until about the time the Sun enters Aquarius, it was a dead zone.

Seems to me that for the last few years – since Uranus and Pluto entered the cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn – January has become this super-intense month. It’s like a baptism of fire and ice designed to prepare us for the changes we will be required to make in the coming months. Continue reading