Pisces Full Moon August 29, 2015

Jupiter in Virgo Vs. Neptune In Pisces

Pisces Full Moon August 29 2015 - a beam of light in the fog.

A beam of light in the fog – Sabian symbol for 7 Pisces.

Today’s Pisces Full Moon ( 6 Pi 06′, 2:35 pm EDT) paints a fascinating picture of possibility, with both of Pisces’ ruling planets strongly involved in the chart. The Sun in Virgo is conjunct Pisces’ traditional ruler Jupiter and the Full Moon conjuncts Pisces’ modern ruling planet Neptune. Both conjunctions are within about degrees of orb, meaning the alignments are quite powerful.

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Hurricane Girl (Song): When Disaster Comes Bearing Gifts

Remembering Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans 10 Years On

I suppose it’s inevitable:  Saturday is the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and I’ve been thinking a lot about the storm and its aftermath. The ten-year anniversary also spurred me to do something I often find challenging – finish a song! My daughter was a Katrina baby. She turned 9 years old recently. As I was reminiscing on 2005 and the years after in New Orleans, it occurred to me that if I don’t finish a version of this song now, it might never get finished. So I battled tooth and nail with the demon of perfectionism all week…and here ya go:  Continue reading