Self-Forgiveness – Imagination in Action

Naked Songwriter Episode 3: Celebrating the Solstice with the revolutionary Prophet of Imagination

naked songwriter podcast episode 3 - imagination in action

Forgiveness: your capacity to create a new life with your mind.

William Blake saw forgiveness as imagination in action.

During a recent “dark night of the soul” experience I received the immense gift of insight into what self-forgiveness means. And what “imagination in action” actually looks like in practice.¬†

This is the most naked pod yet! And I mean good naked, like when my little brother used to escape from the house and run down the sidewalk naked. (Not “bad naked” – like being caught somewhere you shouldn’t be.)

Plus, a new song. And the astrology behind why we feel so crazed in the build-up to the holidays.

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2 thoughts on “Self-Forgiveness – Imagination in Action

  1. Karen says:

    Hi DK,
    I haven’t digested everything you said yet, but one comment of yours that really affected me is that the rational mind doesn’t create. Most of us make a living using our left brain and at least in the western world, probably believe that rational thinking is more useful, if not valuable. Creative pursuits are relegated to our spare time. Schools have gotten rid of music programs; why devote limited resources to something that won’t help kids earn a living, contribute to the economy? I have a picture in my mind of lengthy formulas used to solve problems. Is a solution arrived at intuitively less worthy because it didn’t take a lot of analysis? Isn’t problem solving also creative? Products and services begin with a creative idea, right?
    I’m stringing together a lot of individual thoughts that have popped into my head. Thank you for that. Now I need to figure out what they mean for me!

    • DK Brainard says:

      Hi Karen! Thanks for the intriguing questions and observations. One thought is tag the Matrix or the powers of this world don’t want us to be creative because when we live in a state of flow we are free and joyful. We are no longer dependent on all the things they thrive on selling to us. But the rational mind has its place – for sure. It’s interesting how many great scientific discoveries came from a process of intense rational concentration over a long period, followed by surrender/exhaustion…and then the solution appears in a dream or “by accident”…

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