David Bowie, Aliens and Starseeds

Naked Songwriter Episode 4: THe Man Who Fell to Earth

Why David Bowie’s death affected us so deeply and how it fit perfectly with the alien themes in his natal horoscope. Plus, my acoustic guitar cover of Starman, one of those songs that “got me through” to now. 

I didn’t mention this in the podcast, but David Bowie’s natal Mars is in the 17th degree of Capricorn conjunct his Sun in the 18th degree . Mars is the ruler of the 9th House in Bowie’s horoscope, the house of philosophy, wisdom and the visionary mind – what New Age people might call the Higher Self.


The Sabian symbol for Bowie’s Mars degree is: A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism. Dane Rudhyar said this degree symbolizes “freedom of the body as a means of overcoming  the hypocrisy and constrictions of social behavior.” I would say Bowie did a pretty good job of fulfilling his mission of freeing us from arbitrary social constraints and societal limits.


2 thoughts on “David Bowie, Aliens and Starseeds

  1. Beth Bostic says:

    Hi D.K., first of all, loved your cover, second, Rune Soup? If not, check it out. Rune Soup (Where wizards drink for free) Gordon White’s website. In the chart – what about Venus conjunct south node and opposite north node in the 4th with Uranus? and trine the powerhouse in the 7th? And fascinating 1st house untenanted except for Ceres…there’s the homebody. Also, didn’t know about being born cross eyed thing.
    Wish my parents had known about that. What a radically different childhood I might have had. (But, maybe not, I’m Venus trine Saturn) Great show. Keep going.

    • DK Brainard says:

      Hi Beth!

      Sorry I missed this. Will check out Rune Soup. Didn’t know about it. You were born cross-eyed too? Ha! Figures. Have you ever looked at Bowie’s chart with Iman’s? Talk about two halves of a whole. Thanks for liking my Starman cover and for the positive vibes. May your seeing being blessed with grace today. And every day.

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