Carry That Weight? – Virgo Full Moon Podcast

Virgo Full Moon, Venus Retrograde, Wounded Healers and Ancestral Patterns in the DNA

Virgo Full Moon - March 12, 2017, 10:54 am EDT New York NY.

Virgo Full Moon – March 12, 2017, 10:54 am EDT New York NY.

A Loaded Moment in Time

Why you shouldn’t turn away from whatever is hurting you this week, clearing ancestral and family karma, Pisces threatens to secede from the consensus reality, good vs. bad aliens, and more.

The World Wants You!

I’ll be exploring these themes and how you can clear the weight and jump into your personal renaissance in more detail in the calls I mentioned on the pod – one is free and the other one will cost you 50 cents:

Sunday, March 19 @ 8 pm EDT – Shifting Resonance: Epigenetics, Ancestors & Radical Self-Care with Dr. Diana Quinn

Monday, March 20 @ 7 pm EDT – Nourished and Radiant with Nicole Rochat

I’m also offering a  limited-time-only soul-reintegration/personal coaching package specifically designed to work with the energetics of the Venus retrograde. See my Personal Coaching page for details.

9 thoughts on “Carry That Weight? – Virgo Full Moon Podcast

  1. Fran says:

    Great podcast, DK, & I especially loved your really wonderful rendition of Dark Side of the Moon – felt it all the way down:)

    • Johanna Markham says:

      Wow I have not yet heard an astrologer speak my language with such presicion.
      I cannot express enough how much I need this right now .I am not only tracking with the clearing the shadows of the ansesters in my DNA..( I just grabbed the hand of my grabdfauthers ghost and walked him to my grandmother the night before my mother was concieved reminding him that she is the mother of his children the grand mother of his grandchildren and the graleat grand mother of his great grandchildren I urged him to treat her with honor and respect.)

      also was raised a Christian and have been learning how that intertwined with my new perspective..”J.dawg” was my room mate for along time and we are still learning how to communicate in a new healthy way..I love the image of the “alchemical wizard.”

      I have felt a little foggy the last few days .so this came at a very perfect time..thank you for speaking your truth so confidently.
      Happy to become aware of more of our trine.
      ~ johanna

      • DK Brainard says:

        Johanna – thanks! We recovering ‘christians’ have an interesting framework through which to see what’s happening in our society, don’t you think. Appreciate the feedback – it always helps the doubter in me when I hear I’ve hit the spot. And great work with the ancestors!

  2. Katie Cokinos says:

    That podcast went to “11” – I listened this morning and needless to say my son was late for school – oops! Hazards of a Mom connected to the Galactic Network I suppose. And another morning ritual that went happily amiss – I began writing my ‘to do list’ for the day but instead I wrote an Emotional To Do List-ha! Thank You DK for changing daily life.

    • DK Brainard says:

      Thanks Katie! Hope your son wasn’t too bummed about being late to school 😉 But yes we Galactic Parentals must keep outlet priorities too of the list. Glad I could introduce some cosmic chaos – Eris will be pleased!

  3. Caroline Lemmond says:

    ps: hee hee, a mark of respect …. good to know I am just not mentally ill — or at least I have good company !
    best !

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