In praise of: David Bowie

Alien pattern power

David Bowie’s passing affected me much more deeply than I would have expected. If you had asked me in December to list my 10 favorite bands of all time, I don’t think I would have even considered putting Bowie on the list.

Yet, for some odd reason, his death on January 10 hit me hard, harder than just about any celebrity I can remember. I was still a brainwashed fundamentalist Christian kid in 1980 when John Lennon was shot. I probably still thought the Beatles’ music was ‘satanic’. When Jerry Garcia died, it felt more like a relief than a loss in some ways. The last Dead show I saw, at the Palace outside of Detroit, you could almost feel Jerry’s suffering ripple up from the stage.

The more I explored my feelings about Bowie, the curiouser I became. And in talking with other diehard music fans (not all of them diehard Bowie fanatics), I realized Bowie had affected us much more powerfully than I had ever acknowledged. And that is probably exactly how he planned it.

Bowie had two of what are called “alien patterns” in his natal horoscope. These energies affect the native – and those the native relates to – in very distinct ways. Which I explore in Episode 4 of the Naked Songwriter pod.

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