Astro Update: Uranus-Eris Craziness, Capricorn Full Moon, Freedom from Shame

Uranus and Eris

A lot of us have been having weird symptoms again. Insomnia, vertigo, free-floating, sudden onset anxiety, nervous system anomalies, unexpected outbursts of rage, bizarre money events (good and bad). Those are just the ones I’ve heard about in the last week. And of course there’s the crazy shit happening with people and guns in society.

In just the last week, we’ve had exact squares from first Venus and then Mercury and now the Sun to Uranus and Eris in Aries. When Uranus is triggered, we get unpredictable, sudden and sometimes shocking thoughts, feelings and events. With Uranus, things come out of the blue; lightning strikes and suddenly the world is changed. Sometimes these events seem distinctly bad and violent – an accident, an anxiety attack, an unexpected financial or health challenge. On a societal level we’ve had the shootings in Minnesota and Dallas and the terrorist who killed 84 people by running them down with a truck in Nice on Bastille Day.

Eris, the goddess of discord, disrupts the status quo (and its old security patterns) so the truth can be known and seen. “So you think compromising your integrity and authenticity will really bring you security?” Eris asks. Both of these powerful outer planets want to jolt us out of our addiction to seeking safety by following the herd. A life spent doing what we’re “supposed” to do isn’t a life, they point out. It’s an existence.

So there’s a deeper meaning beneath whatever has been shaking you up in July. But it’s also a lot to handle. (It’s important to remember that Uranus is always trying to bring enlightenment and freedom into our lives. Sometimes it takes a major shock to force us to let go of our old, limiting patterns and beliefs.)

Now for the good news…
Fortunately, we’re almost through this. The Sun makes its exact square to Uranus at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow (Saturday, 7/16), at which point some of the high anxiety should start to ease off. We do have a highly charged Capricorn Full Moon arriving Tuesday evening, however, with both the Sun and Moon in close enough range to potentially stir up a last blast of Uranian energy. On a positive note, Tuesday’s Full Moon should bring us clarity about what we’ve been experiencing under these Uranus transits, clearing our minds and hearts to enjoy a distinctly different flavor of energy in the second half of July and into August.

Mars in Scorpio – Freedom from Shame

One last thing – even as the Sun is completing its square to Uranus tomorrow, it’s sending a very supportive trine to Mars in Scorpio. A reader sent me a question that tuned me in to something I was experiencing with my clients and in my own life, namely that retrograde Mars in Scorpio was pushing us into contact with core shame so that we could finally release it and be free. This would be a powerful awareness to hold this weekend, a helpful lens through which to review whatever you’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks. We tend to run from shame as fast as we can, but there’s a reason it has been called the Mother Emotion (as far as the challenging emotions are concerned).

Most of the shame that we carry was implanted early in life or carried over from ancestors or past lives. We feel ashamed of ourselves, but this shame was never really “ours” personally. Still, it’s our responsibility in this lifetime to meet it so that it can be released. This can bring huge waves of grief, despair, loneliness, hopelessness and anger and rage. But once we really encounter it, with presence, we experience a radical new freedom and sense of agency.

  • Can you see how you’ve begun responding to challenging feelings or events differently in July?
  • Are there places where you’re still reacting instinctively, like a child, and lashing out or shutting down?
  • Imagine how it would feel not to have to shut down in reaction to people, feelings, and circumstances that trigger you.
  • What could you do if you were free to just be you, unashamed of your uniqueness – including your flaws and weirdnesses?
  • What would you want to do with your time, your gift, your love, your energy?

Speaking of which, I can’t promise that a 3- or 4-session coaching package with me will vault you instantly into your idea life. But I will help you get unstuck. I have a couple places open to start the week of July 25 and a couple more to start the week of August 1. Sign up here or contact me for more details!

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