Uranus in Aries 2015: Kundalini Rising

Pluto and Uranus AsTrology: Ascension or Anxiety?

A tiny tarn atop Stone Mountain. Photo by DK, July 5, 2015.

Water in the rock. Photo by DK, July 5, 2015.


Uranus in Aries: High Anxiety and Weird Physical Symptoms

In the build-up to last week’s Capricorn Full Moon, I experienced this feeling of (what I thought of at the time as) anxiety in my chest. A couple of times, I actually said out loud in my mind, “I wonder if I’m having a heart attack?” I’ve gone through periods of high anxiety in the past, but the weird thing about the feelings last week was that I couldn’t really pin them to anything.

Usually when I had anxiety or panic attacks in the past, it was easy to see the mental or emotional stress that was producing the physical unease. Which begs the question of cause and effect, but let’s leave that aside for now.

The anxiety last week was a mystery. Then, on the Full Moon call we do in our tribe, one of the Ravens mentioned that she was driving back from the cardiologist because she had been convinced she was having a heart attack. “OK, so it’s not just me,” I thought. 

In the next few days, as the anxiety begin to die down, I talked to several other ‘awakening’ humans who were experiencing similar feelings. And I also received some powerful messages, both from my own inner guidance and from other healers. I’d like to share these with you in the hopes of minimizing the potential for needless suffering and maximizing the potential for powerful breakthroughs. Both of the experiences below are likely to be more available than normal through the month of July:

  1. Weird physical symptoms. Anxiety, nervous tension, heightened sense of smell or hearing, sensitivity to sound and/or light, tingling or numbness. Racing or erractic heartbeat, sudden onset of exhaustion and/or unable to sleep at night. These are just a few of the typical symptoms of a kundalini awakening. Uranus and Pluto are the two outer planets associated with the kundalini force. So as they are repeatedly activated this month (see dates below), it makes sense that many of us would be experiencing these symptoms. I wrote about the potential for “a mass kundalini awakening” way back in 2011 as I was preparing my epic forecast for 2012. Although we have been through pockets of similar energy in the last three years, it feels as if the mass consciousness in 2015 has risen to the point where the positive breakthroughs associated with the kundalini awakening are more available to more of us than ever before.
  2. Healing the primordial separation from the All-One. As I was experiencing the anxiety last week, I got the message that it was due to “being energetically reworked.” In the following days ,it just so happened that several of my astrology/soul work clients were going through this same re-patterning and having an equally challenging time of it. (By the way, this energy can show up as intense relationship, money or career challenges – not everyone will experience it physically.) What I was shown with these clients, and in conversations with healers in my network, was that we are being invited to heal the age-old split from the Divine and return to our true Essence.

Legend of the Fall

This is a big one. In fact, it’s the Big One. It’s the source of all of our problems, not just in this life but in all of our lifetimes. My soul work clients often spontaneously regress to childhood or past lives, but the regressions this week were out of this world. It was like my clients and I were pushing each other to go all the way back to the beginning. Which I could describe as the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the Fall, or Paradise Lost. Basically, it goes like this:

Once upon a time we were part of God. We were immortal, blissful, and whole. We knew not what it means to suffer or to experience lack. Then there was a split. A part of God decided to separate in order to get to know Itself better. As time went by, we fell further and further from the Light. We forgot our origins, although something in our soul continually nagged at us, whispering about a heaven we once knew. But like Adam and Eve, we were ashamed at our nakedness and so we left the Garden. And the Matrix sprang up around us and we feel into a deep sleep and we dreamed that the Matrix was reality and we knew there was no escape.

Worse yet, we ‘knew’ that it was our fault. A voice much louder and more insistent than the voice of the soul told us so, over and over and over, lifetime after lifetime. It spoke to us through the voice of our ashamed and frightened parents. It preached to us from the pulpits of the churches. It scolded us in the angry voices of our elders and in the exasperated tones of our teachers. Over and over, it told us and our tiny bodies that our dreams of Life beyond the Matrix were only childish fantasies. It admonished us to grow up and accept the Matrix as Life. It shamed us first for our poop and pee and our emotional longing and frustrated outbursts. Later it shamed us for our sexual urges.

It hypnotized us with all the force of society and family behind it and sooner or later, we were forced to admit that the voice was right. Then the voice became our conscience and it whispered lies over and over inside our own minds. Until we felt its shame and accepted it as our own. We knew then – deep in the unconscious mind we knew it – that we deserved to suffer. That our crime, even though we couldn’t remember it, must have been a terrible one. And so we began to justify our choice to suffer, because deep, deep down we accepted the voice of the Liar, the Parasite, the collective egoic mind – that what we (It) had done could never be forgiven.

But what if it was all a mistake? What if, as William Blake saw it, God became as we are, that we might be as He is? What if, as the sages have always told us, heaven/nirvana/bliss is right here on Earth just waiting for us to accept the at-one-ment?

If that’s true, why am I still attached to my various forms of suffering?

For me, framing the split – and my (egoic mind’s) resistance to reunification with my true nature (my God-self) – in the form of questions has been helpful:

  • “What if ‘I’ (the egoic self-image) actually created all of the drama and suffering of this lifetime as well as all of the suffering in past lives, simply to justify my (the egoic mind’s) choice to separate from the Creator in the past?”
  • What if ‘I’ (my persona/identity) created the core challenges of this lifetime in order to punish ‘myself’ for the ‘sin’ of separation?
  • What if the only thing that keeps me from the freedom/abundance/love/joy that my soul longs for in this lifetime is the sense of shame that ‘I’ (the egoic mind) feel for my ‘crime’ – a sense that ‘I’ am too unworthy of being forgiven/absolved and so ‘I’ must keep suffering in order to justify my original ‘mistake’?
  • “What if giving up my identity as ‘I’ (persona/egoic mind) is all I have to do to stop the cycle of suffering and step into the reality of joy?” (Thanks to Kabir of Open Field Awakening for inspiring this question.)
  • Who would I be without the struggle?

I’d love to hear about your experiences with this energy. Post a comment if you’ve made a breakthrough (or hit a wall) that you think might contribute to the community as we work together to let go of the past and create a whole new experience of being joyfully human.

Kundalini Alerts for July

The following dates might be interesting to mark in your planner. Give a day or two on either side of the Sun dates and up to four days prior to the Mars dates. And note that the Cancer New Moon pulls in both Pluto and Uranus at the same time.

All times Eastern Daylight (New York City) time zone:

  • 7/8  Weds – Aries Moon conj. Uranus  – 11:17 pm
  • 7/12 Sun –  Sun square Uranus – 10:53 pm
  • 7/15 Weds – Cancer New Moon: Sun and Moon square Uranus and Mercury and Mars conjunct in Cancer and opposite Pluto in Capricorn – 9:24 pm
  • 7/18 Sat  – Mercury square Uranus – 9:07 pm
  • 7/22 Weds – Libra Moon square Pluto – 1:36 pm
  • 7/23 Thurs – Moon opp. Uranus – 3:02 am
  • 7/25 Sat – Mars opp. Uranus – 5:42 am
  • 7/29 Weds – Capricorn Moon conj. Pluto – 2:23 pm
  • 7/30 Thurs – Capricorn Moon square Uranus – 1:51 am



4 thoughts on “Uranus in Aries 2015: Kundalini Rising

  1. Beth Bostic says:

    Hi D.K. I absolutely experienced Uranus whammy anxiety insomnia over the 4th of July weekend. A breakthrough thought form that was helpful to me was “I am the energy not the obstacle.”. It occurred to me that the discomfort/anxiety is the life force energy of my (S)elf blasting through egoic complexes/obstacles…our attachment causes the discomfort ( this is well understood) the sensation exists so that we can be aware of the barrier. The habit of the egoic mind is to identify with its product…the obstacle is me or part of me and it is being destroyed. Flipping the identification was very helpful in reducing the psychic pain into bearable discomfort as the energy did its thing.

    • B3ltran says:

      Hi Beth!

      I love that. I am the energy not the obstacle. Going to use it myself when the next wave comes. Thank you!

  2. Sally Thorne says:

    Hi DK. I got it on Saturday – I’m presuming it was the Sun / Uranus square. All the stuff I’d been struggling with for a while – anxiety, drowning in confusion and life changing stuff came to a head on the one day with a series of events and conversations. Feeling much clearer now and wondering how the new moon on Wednesday is going to affect me. I sort of hope it does – I’d like to go on riding this wave of healing and changing the way I experience life. Your piece above was really helpful too.

    • B3ltran says:

      Hiya Sally! Missed this, but obviously you’re surfing one awesome wave. Hope things are going well since we talked! Love, DK

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