DK Live

Host an event with DK Brainard

I’m getting back out on the road and ready to bring my unique blend of storytelling, humor, music, compassion, belief in the future and in our human potential, astrology to wherever people want to come together and get inspired to live in more creativity and joy.


As a Saturn alien pattern person and a master number 11 destiny dude, I’m blessed with the ability to tap into some deep star wisdom. And, this is just the reality of the situation: when I show up, people get inspired and things start to transform in their lives.

We can do a house party. We can do a serious talk or an astrology class or a deeply transformative workshop at your yoga studio or the public library. Whatever we do, though, it’s gotta have joy in it. Because that’s what it’s all about.


If you want to explore the possibilities, contact me.