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Technical Issues

Store Checkout
I’m a first-time customer. How do I check out?
Checking out: I keep getting an error message

Audio Horoscopes
How do I get my AudioScopes (or my subscription content)?
My audio is not playing

Password Reset
Forgot my password

I’m a first-time customer. How do I check out?

If this is your first time checking out, you’ll need to invest approximately 2 minutes and establish a secure identity in my Content Shelf system. Here’s how:

  1. If you’re purchasing a single item or service, click on the Buy Now button associated with that item. If you’re purchasing multiple items (e.g., two audio horoscopes) click on each item to add it to the store widget then click on the Buy Now button after you have added all the content you want to purchase.
  2. Click the Secure Checkout button on the shopping cart widget. A checkout page will pop up.
  3. Make sure the Guest Checkout button is toggled on (see image):

  1. Enter and confirm your email address.
  2. Create a new password and confirm by re-typing it. Please write down your password! 
  3. Under Billing Information, choose whether you want to pay by PayPal or credit/debit card and then enter your billing details.
  4. If you have a coupon code, enter it in the coupon field (right side of page) then click the Apply Now button. Your order total will update to the reduced price.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the blue Place Order or Checkout button. You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes, including links to stream or download your content.

You have now created a private, secure User identity in the system. This enables you to:

  1. Check out as an existing user for future purchases. (You don’t have to re-enter billing info, etc.)
  2. Stream or download your content directly from your personal User page, which you can access using your email and password at:

I’m an existing customer and I keep getting an error message.

The first time you checked out (or attempted to check out) using the Content Shelf system, you were required to enter your email address, basic payment information and to create a password. This set you up as a User in the system. If you now try to check out as a Guest with the same email address you entered previously, you will get an error message (or three). Here’s how to fix this (and set yourself up so that you can manage your audios and other products easily any time you purchase something):

  1. Click on the Existing Customer button. If necessary, toggle between the Guest button and Existing Customer buttons until your page looks like this:

  1. Once the Existing Customer button is activated, enter the email address and password you used the first time you came to the checkout page. Then hit Apply My Info.

I forgot my password!
I can’t reset your password for you (I can’t see your private information) but it’s easy to do.

From the checkout page, click on the Forgot Password? link. The system will instantly send you a password reset link.

From anywhere else:

    • Go to
    • Click on the Click here link under Forgot your password? 
    • On the page that pops up, type in your email address and hit the Reset button.
    • Check your email. You should get a nearly instantaneous email with a link that will prompt you to choose a new password.
    • Write down the new password 🙂

I’m a monthly/yearly subscriber. How do I get my audio horoscopes?

1. Click on the audio horoscopes you want. A cart widget will pop up.

2. Once you’ve added the number of horoscopes included in your subscription plan, hit the Secure Checkout button. That will take you to the checkout page on Content Shelf.

3. Enter the coupon code you received by email in the coupon field and click the Apply Now button under the coupon field. Your order total should reset to $0.00. (You may have to scroll down to see your order total.)

4. Finish checking out by entering your email address and password in the appropriate fields and then clicking Apply My Info. Scroll down and click on the blue Checkout or Place Order button.

If this is the first time you’ve used the new store, follow the steps in How do I check out? to set up a personal user account.

5. You should receive an email with link(s) to your content within a few minutes of placing your order. If you don’t want to wait, you can just access your monthly horoscopes and any other digital purchases directly from your user page. From this page, you can download, stream, or transfer your audios to Dropbox.

To access your personal user page, go to and enter the email address and password you created on your first visit to the Store.

My audio horoscope or other audio download keeps cutting off or repeating the first minute.

Are you listening on an iPhone or iPad? 

Yes. You cannot download MP3 files directly to an iOS device that has not been “jailbroken”. Go to your personal page in the store, enter your password and then stream your AudioScopes or transfer them to your Dropbox.  You can <a href=”” target=”_blank”>download Dropbox free for your iPhone or iPad</a>. On your personal user page on my online store, choose the transfer to Dropbox option, then open in Dropbox on your iPhone or iPad.


Option 1: Please try streaming instead. You have unlimited streaming for each month and these files are only about 15 MB each, so they shouldn’t eat up your data plan.

Option 2:  Download Dropbox  for your Android, Kindle Fire, Blackberry, or Windows tablet or mobile device. On your personal user page on my online store, choose the Transfer to Dropbox option, then open in Dropbox on your tablet or mobile device.

Option 3: Download the file to your computer first, then transfer to your mobile device using iTunes or Media Player.

Store Security

How secure is my information?

All of the processing is done behind the scenes with multiple security layers. One of the main reasons I chose Content Shelf is their 10-year track record in the industry and their commitment to keep your (and my) data safe:

Content Shelf is serious about security. That’s why we adhere to the most rigorous online security standards, including daily scans by McAfee Secure to keep our client’s and their customer’s information safe. All communications use SSL to establish a secure, encrypted channel. This ensures that data cannot be intercepted or read by a third party.

I paid for a product/annual pass using PayPal as my payment option. Why do I have to enter my email address and other information in your online store?

I’m continuing to offer PayPal checkout for certain services in order to give you payment options. However, in order to better manage online subscriber content, I needed a better, more secure online store. Setting up a user account with my Content Shelf store enables you to manage your content from your own discrete user page. And their email delivery rate is way beyond that of my old system (no more scouring Spam folders for your download link!). Also, this saves me hours per year of answering emails along the lines of “my download link isn’t working….” or “my horoscope stops after one minute and keeps repeating.”

The reason I have to give an email address when I buy a (non-subscription) item is so you can add me to your mailing list, right? 

No. You can only get on my mailing list using the mailing list widget and confirming via double opt-in. The reason you have to give your email address is so you can access your content.

I don’t have a credit or debit card or I choose not to use them online. Can I still get a subscription? 

Monthly recurring subscriptions are not available for PayPal. For almost all other products and services, you can choose to pay with PayPal on the check-out page. If you want an annual pass, non-recurring subscription or other product and don’t want to check out online, send me an email telling me which product you want, and then mail me a check or money order. Once your check clears, I’ll activate your subscription.