Aquarius Solar Eclipse: Emerging Systems Theory February 15 2018

[Podcast] The February 15 solar eclipse 27 Aquarius: Profound Shifts in Perception

Sensory Rain. Drawing by DK.

Sensory Rain. Detail from colored pencil sketch by DK.

The Aquarius solar eclipse falls in the same degree as the USA’s natal Moon. In this podcast, I explain how the ongoing demoralization of the American people will lead to new social paradigms and threaten the relevance of current social networks such as Facebook. Plus, this ‘super’ eclipse makes a friendly aspect to Aquarius’ ruling planet, Uranus, suggesting the potential for radical innovation as well as sudden upheavals.

And I look at systems theory, the Leo-Aquarius shadow polarities, and read from Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet.

In my article on the Aquarius solar eclipse as emotional pressure gauge, I look at some of the degree symbols for the eclipse chart and explore how your emotional state can enable you to break free of conditioned social roles and underperforming relationships.

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Leo Lunar Eclipse: Into the Light of the Soul

Podcast: Leo Super Lunar Eclipse – January 31, 2018

The January 31 Leo Super Lunar Eclipse is conjunct President Trump's progressed Moon and natal Pluto.

The January 31 Leo Super Lunar Eclipse is conjunct President Trump’s progressed Moon and natal Pluto.

The January 31 Total Lunar Eclipse – Super Moon, Blue Moon, Ceres in the News?

The super blood moon total lunar eclipse in Leo happening overnight makes an almost exact conjunction with dwarf planet Ceres – an archetype that astrology has not really assimilated yet. In the podcast, I look at how this eclipse reflects and brings into manifestation the themes of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse. A major theme of this eclipse is sacrificing our stories about limitation and stepping into our inner divinity. And, the lunar eclipse in the chart of President Trump.

Note: I mentioned two dates I was going to give you and forgot to give you the second date. So here it is: There was an eclipse in the same degree of Leo on January 31, 1999. If you can remember what was happening in your life at that time, you may get some clues about the startling realizations or liberating energies coming into your life now.

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The Venus Cycle…Cosmic Intelligence Agency – has a useful chart showing the phases of the Venus’ synodic cycle

Venus Exterior Conjunction – great astrology writing covering key astrological events in January 2018; also, good explication of the Venus cycle

John Sandbach’s blog – creator of the Omega and Chandra symbols referenced on the pod

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Ignition -> Mr. Fantasy (Live Show Practice)

Live Looping Guitar Improv into Mr. Fantasy (Traffic Cover)

Hey, check it out. I was rockin’ last night!

If you want to skip to the song proper, it starts around 3:38. But I think the intro is fuckin’ cool, too, so I would just dedicate 13 minutes of your life at some point to watching the whole thing and letting the music wash over you like a warm waterfall of ionized water in a tropical paradise.

Here’s the idea:

1. I’m improvising a soundscape (“Ignition”) while workshop participants are drawing a mandala or designing their heroine/shadow masks or getting comfy on their yoga mats after a break…and then we go into the song.

2. So if you can watch it as if you’re not actually sitting on a chair in a row with other people sitting on chairs, but you’re already in a tranced-out, temporary autonomous zone environment, getting in touch with your inner transformational genius through various cool and fun activities, you’ll get the flavor.

3. I actually did this live Saturday night as a Facebook Live stream. Privacy turned out to be set to ‘Only Me’…I’m still working out the technical details to get the volume levels right, etc. But I wasn’t sure if it was “live” live or private until I finished. So I was playing my ass off, just in case!

4. I’m excited about how good most of it sounds. And a little bummed the vocals managed to be both too low in the mix and distorting at the same time. I think that’s a combination of suboptimal monitoring conditions (using earbuds and not being able to crank my monitors cuz I’m doing it at night while my little boy is asleep upstairs) and having to sing quietly.

But I’ll get that figured out.

Slowly but surely, in a very Saturn-like way, I’m putting it all together!

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Wake-Up Bomb: When Outer Planets Collide

Soul Mission Checkpoints – Outer Planet Transits to the Natal Chart

I believe that, as souls, before we incarnate we set up certain checkpoints in the timeline or story arc of the life we are going to have on Earth. We know that once we get born and fall back into the gravity and density of the Earth Experience*, we’re going to forget why we came and lose sight of what we intended to experience.

So we choose our time and place of birth in order to have a certain natal chart. The chart gives us the reassurance of knowing that if we miss a key turning point at age 30, for example, we’ll have another chance to get on the path we want at age 37, and then again at age 45.

These built-in checkpoints are often devastatingly direct. They can always be seen (at least in retrospect) in the form of outer planet transits to the natal chart.

Especially if we’ve managed to sleep through a couple of previous alarms on the same life theme, these outer planet transits can show up in the form of a seriously hard-core knock you on your ass, drop you to your knees wake-up call!
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I Dream Too Much – Katie Cokinos Interview

Podcast: Writer & director Katie Cokinos on why it’s never too late to follow your bliss

Eden Brolin and director Katie Cokinos on the set of I Dream Too Much

Eden Brolin and Katie Cokinos on the set of I Dream Too Much.

Writer & director Katie Cokinos interview: why it’s never too late to follow your bliss. Katie began writing what would become her full-length feature film debut, I Dream Too Much,  in her late 40s. Starring Eden Brolin, Danielle Brooks, and Diane Ladd, I Dream Too Much is a coming-of-age drama that invokes the spirit of Jane Austen and climaxes with a poetry reading at a small-town festival.

Cokinos’ female-centric film eschews romantic comedy tropes (lonely heroine is rescued by destiny in the form of a hot guy who also turns out to have a heart of gold). Instead, the film invites us into a meditation on dreams, beauty, family, snow, and the saving power of art.

In our interview, Katie opens up about committing to her own dreams in midlife, balancing motherhood with her need for a daily creative practice, women in movies, and finding inspiration in unexpected places.

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Trailer: I Dream Too Much

You can stream I Dream Too Much on Netflix or get it on Amazon or iTunes.

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The 2018 Starts With a Super Moon Podcast

In with a bang! The Grand Trine Super Moon in Cancer, Saturn, Uranus Direct and more…

The 9 of Poetry (Powers) card from the William Blake Tarot

The 9 of Poetry (Powers) card from the William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination.

2018 begins where 2017 left off, with high intensity and healing intent as the first of two Super Moons in January lights up the night on New Year’s Day.

The Cancer Full Moon (9:24 pm EST USA) also makes a Grand Trine with Neptune in Pisces and Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio. (See chart below)

Note: In the podcast, I mixed up the Capricorn New Moon on Jan. 15 with the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Jan. 31. The lunar eclipse will also be a Super Moon.

2018 promises to be at least as dynamic, disruptive and  upsetting to the status quo as 2017 was. Why is this cause for optimism? Because all of the spiritual work you’ve done until now can help us save the world – if you can embrace this central paradox:

In 2018, we are called to take meaningful action to answer the political, economic and social chaos in the world. The most meaningful action we can take is being who we really are and acting on our deepest desires.

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As discussed on the pod:

Hare in the Moon Astrology Weekly Forecast

John Sandbach’s Omega and Chandra symbols:

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Cancer Full Moon Grand Trine Jan 1 2018

Sagittarius New Moon & the Purging of the Priesthood

Podcast: The Sculptor’s Vision Is Taking Form

27 Sagittarius Sabian symbol "The sculptor's vision is taking form"Drop that bag of feces! We’ve got to get to a higher place. And the Great Central Sun is trying to clear out all our old baggage because we can’t get there while we’re still dragging around our old stories and ancient pain.

Plus, why Saturn’s entry into Capricorn is cause for optimism, more revelations forthcoming in USA celebrity and politician sex scandals, and more.

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About subjects discussed on the podcast:

World Events: Saturn in Capricorn

The world being what it has been, a lot of negative things have happened during the periods when Saturn has been in Capricorn. The early 1960s saw troop buildups in Vietnam and JFK urging Americans to build fall-out shelters amid widespread nuclear testing by the USA and the USSR. The late ’80s and early 90’s brought us the “War on Drugs.” But these periods brought many positive developments, especially in regards to correcting unjust laws targeting women and minorities.

January 1959 – December 1961

  • First female contraception pills legalized and sold in the USA and UK. Journalist Fred Kaplan: “This allowed not just a sexual revolution, but it allowed women to get jobs, to advance professionally.” (CBS News – Source)
  • Civil Rights Act signed into law by President Eisenhower
  • The Beatles’ first gig
  • Jimi Hendrix’ first gig
  • JFK elected president

November 1988 – January 1991

  • Opening of the Berlin Wall signals the end of the Cold War
  • David Dinkins is elected first African-American mayor of NYC
  • Douglas Wilder is elected first African-American governor (Va.)

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Finding Another Way to Live

Soul-Sick Nation

tiny flower in hand

Photo by DK.

“In the silence that his life now is, let a community of care remember him by taking care of the living and building an alternative to what contributed to his degradation and destruction. There is no other world. There is just another way to live.” – Brother Michael

I can’t remember a time when suicide seemed so popular.

I know so many good people who are seriously bummed out right now. They look at the hate being spewed on the Internet and on the TV talk shows, at the violence being perpetrated on minorities, women, children, the LGBT community, and condoned by their fellow citizens.

And they feel despair. They feel the whole thing is hopeless. Continue reading

Two Astrology Videos on Donald Trump and the Leo Solar Eclipse

Is the ‘Great American Eclipse’ the end of the line for Trump presidency?

The total solar eclipse in Leo on Aug. 21, 2017 makes a nearly exact conjunction with Donald Trump’s Ascendant. In the first video I explore the Leo eclipse in Trump’s chart and why I believe this eclipse marks the beginning of the end for Trump as U.S. President:

In Part 2 of my series on the Aug. 21, 2017 Leo solar eclipse, I explore the degree symbols for Donald Trump’s Ascendant. In astrology the Ascendant (or rising sign and degree) represents the persona or the mask the person wears on the stage of life. What you learn in this video might just change your mind about America’s current (but for how long?) president:

I’ll be looking much deeper into all of this (and much more, including the USA’s upcoming Pluto return) in my 5-week webinar Trumpstrology: The Astrology of Current Affairs. The webinar starts Wednesday, Aug. 2 and there are still a few places open. Register or get more info here.

 Image credits:


The Astrology of Current Affairs

Gaining even a basic understanding of how the world changes under different outer planet cycles — such as Saturn’s shift from Sagittarius into Capricorn in January — can empower you to align your actions and intentions with the prevailing energy in the Cosmos.

In this five-week webinar, we’re going to explore some ‘big picture astrology’ so you can understand what’s happening on the world stage and learn how these larger cycles affect you personally.

How Eclipses & Outer Planet Cycles Work

The course will feature a mix of exposition and interactive exploration. In each class I’ll use charts for current or upcoming events to illustrate astrology concepts and demonstrate techniques. Then we’ll explore further based on your questions and insights.

Among the topics we’ll explore in this class:


  • The Great American Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017 and how it impacts the chart of Donald Trump
  • How do I understand an eclipse in relationship to my natal chart?
  • What’s the difference between solar and lunar eclipses?
  • The Flavor of the Season: Solstice and Other Ingress Charts

Outer Planet Cycles

  • Outer planet cycles in the natal chart: the Pluto square, Saturn return, and Uranus opposition
  • The World Chart: How outer planet cycles correlate to global political, economic, and social change
  • The chart for the United States (and country charts in general)
  • Chiron in Aries (2018-2026)
  • Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023)
  • Saturn-Pluto (2019-2020)

Continue reading