The World Needs Your Giftedness

Jupiter in Libra: Collaboration and Community are the Keys to Prosperity

Those of us who care about the Earth, who have kindness in our hearts, who share a vision of a vibrant, healthy planet…we can no longer afford to be living on the fringes, settling for scraps.

Waiting for politicians to save us is a childish fantasy of rescue. The only people who can make it good are – and always have been – we the people.

Our next call is on Sunday, Nov. 27, a couple days before the Sagittarius New Moon. This New Moon is a fine time for activating not only more abundance but for calling in win-win partnerships and collaborators to help us expand our influence and do more good in the world.

Listen to the first Prosperity Sessions call and join us for the Sag New Moon and Gemini Full Moon calls here: Prosperity Sessions with DK and Ra Ma

Habit Hacks for Rebel Tendency People?

How I’m Attempting to Pscyh Myself into The Habits I Want

If it’s true that my daily habits are the difference between mediocrity and success, then I want to develop the right daily habits. But, how do I square this with my tendency to rebel against expectations?

The answer: I don’t know.

But I want to find out.

Here are a few ideas I’m working with to try to solve this mystery: Continue reading

Why Do We Resist Good Habits?

Daily Habits and Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies

tick-tockIn my post on the power of doing something every day, I mentioned how Gretchen Rubin’s book Better than Before was just about to inspire me to start some positive new habits when Mars went retrograde and my “new start” energy seemed to dissipate into thin air.

Since the Mars Rx ended, I’m back to reading the book and trying to apply Rubin’s insights to motivate myself.

The biggest insight I’ve gained from the book so far (and believe me, it is full of fun, piquant observations) is looking at my habit patterns through the lens of Rubin’s Four Tendencies framework. Continue reading

The Power of Doing Something Every Day

Daily Habits as the Key to Success?

better-than-beforeI started reading Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before in February, a few weeks before Mars stationed retrograde. It’s a fascinating exploration into how different people form habits, and how knowing thyself a little better can help you actually succeed at making a good habit (or breaking a bad one).

I’ve been taking classes from producer and electronic musician Jason Timothy – I really dig his sacred warrior approach to music-making. In the intro materials to one of his classes I read the following statement: Continue reading

Gratitude and belonging

church by sea (c) DK Brainard 2016Last week I came down with a strong case of the Kundalini Fever. Or the Ascension Flu. Whatever you want to call it, it was gnarly. Migraines, nausea, bizarre hot flashes, no sleep, nothing but sleep, dropping things, verbal part of brain shutting down mid-sentence and refusing to come back online. Am I cracking up? Or cracking open?  Continue reading

Hammered by the Gods (and Goddess) Part 2

A Creative Response to the Blows of Fate?

I’ve spent the last week dealing with migraines. It has been an interesting experience. I’ve had ‘migraine clusters’ in the past – times when I’ve gotten three migraines over a two-week period, for example. This one has been different. I’ve come to think of it as one long migraine. Sometimes I feel almost fine, other times I feel woozy but mostly functional – and then there have been the days where I just have to lie down and be still.

As you might imagine, I’ve found this sense of being repeatedly incapacitated somewhat frustrating. Continue reading