Five Ways to Feel Better Fast in Dark Times

Feeling Down? Anxious? Overwhelmed?

Get Your Mojo working with These Road-Tested Consciousness Hacks & Feel Better in 10 Minutes or Less

Five ways to feel better fast in dark timesThe collective angst sure can feel overwhelming these days.

The astrology feels dark and heavy.

You’ve had it up to here with racist, sexist narcissists spouting off in the press, on the campaign trail, and on the Internet.

Maybe you feel like you’re surrounded by the walking dead. Your (insert older relative here) no longer has thoughts of his own. Everything he says to you on the phone is a verbatim quote from either FOX News or Breitbart.

Your partner is in the fetal position on her yoga mat, sobbing silently. You’re afraid she may be emotionally bleeding out for the last time.

Some days you wake up and the first thing you feel is (fear, anxiety, grief, a sense of creeping dread).

OK, so your details may vary, but if you’ve been feeling like you can’t take any more for far too long…

Don’t give in to the collective despair!

The astrology of 2018, even more than the last several years, seems designed to force us to do what we’ve all been trained to avoid doing, at almost any cost. And that is:

Feel our feelings so they can move through us and set us free.

The five consciousness hacks below are distilled from 10+ years of using hypnosis, shamanic journeying, archetypal astrology, and meditation to help people move through their deepest fears and let go of crippling shame. (And to move through my own stuff, of course!)

I can’t promise you that you’ll be able to let go of a lifetime’s worth of repressed anger in one sitting. But I can say with confidence that these five consciousness hacks you can do in 10 minutes or less will break you free from your trauma trance and reconnect you to your powerful, creative Essential Self.

Best of all – you can do any of them in 10 minutes or less. Continue reading

What’s Your New Job Title?

Recognizing How Much You’ve Evolved

Spider is the storyteller. Spider reminds us that the stories we tell weave the webs of reality. Photo by DK.

The Moon in Leo – where the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse happened – makes a conjunction with the North Node in Leo and a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius this afternoon. This activates three of the major energies involved in the solar eclipse. Which, just in case you hadn’t noticed, unleashed a powerful wave of change across North America and around the world.

Today’s aspects are a positive setup for remembering your own inner divinity Continue reading

I Say Yes

painted fire hydrant woods

In case of emergency, release the flow.

Yes, I am feeling the waves of pain and fear and distress. And yes, I am also feeling the Muse or Mother Earth or Great Spirit or my eternal soul and essence or all of the above welling within me as a great resolve.

I long to be of service; I feel how much the world needs me (us). The world asks me if I will step up right now — when the chips are down and we appear to be drastically outnumbered and completely surrounded — and boldly claim that it is our destiny to win. And that we are in fact winning even now, because we have made a firm decision to band together and rewrite the story of our lives, which is the story of the world.

Because we are finally harnessing our native powers of will and desire and intent and imagination and we are using them to rewrite reality. With art and community and pleasure and love — enjoying ourselves as it was meant to be in the beginning and as it must be in the end.

And I say, yes, I will. For the healing of Mother Earth and all her children.

Angels stand round my spirit. And round yours.

Solar Flares: Clearing Old Grief?

Strange Symptoms

Fallen leaf. Photo by DK Brainard

Fallen leaf. Photo by DK.

My wife had the jimmy-leg, the night I got my second post-eclipse wake-up call from Spirit.

She had kicked me awake twice between 11 pm and midnight; both times I was able to fall back asleep easily. At 2 a.m. I woke up because I was having a hard time breathing. Wide awake now, I stumbled out of the bedroom and walked down the hall to the dark living room, where I sat on the couch musing about grief.

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The Relationship Between Money and Energy

What I Did With the Total Solar Eclipse, Part 2

Read Part 1 here

Cactus flowering in a ditch.

Cactus flowering in a ditch. Photo by DK.

You might have guessed that She isn’t my wife. But She isn’t really my mom, either. Although both of them have played that role for me, She is really a phantasm.

Dictionary definitions of phantasm include:

  • a creation of the imagination or fancy; fantasy;
  • a mental image or representation of a real object;
  • an illusory likeness of something. (

She is a an illusory likeness, a mental image created – by my inner child, one could say  – of the wound in my soul that compels me to treat others’ emotions and needs as primary, and my own as secondary.

Now, it appears to be true that I learned this behavior from my mother first in this lifetime. But I know that my mom and I have a soul contract about abandonment and self-abandonment dating back at least several hundred years to a lifetime in Tibet. Continue reading

Message from the Muse

What I Did On My Total Solar Eclipse

‘Don’t ask yourself what the world needs;
ask yourself what makes you come alive.
And then go and do that. Because what the
world needs is people who have come alive.’ 
—Harold Whitman

Wake-Up Call from Venus

Thursday morning, 9/13

Mandala, from a magnolia leaf I found on the lawn.

I woke up uncommonly early last Thursday. With the happy thought in my mind: “I’m rich!”

Just to be clear: This has not been my usual first thought upon waking. And, the thought came with a bonus mantra:

I’m rich!
I’m rich!
I just came into a large sum of money

I’m rich!
I’m rich!
I just came into a large sum of money

I had been reading in The Oracle Report and elsewhere that we should be receiving messages on Tuesday or Wednesday that would bring clarity to what we’d been experiencing in the aftermath of the August 21 total solar eclipse.

I was eager to get this message. Because for all of the promise of the Leo eclipse, the next three weeks felt more like a protracted ending than a new beginning. Continue reading

Imagine, Part 1

Mechanisms of SOcial Control

boy and goose saying hi

One of my newsletter subscribers emailed me on the eve of the Aug. 7 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse to say:

“Shortly after reading your two emails, the song “Imagine” played on my playlist. We all know the intention of this song and we’ve all heard it a million times, but how long has it been since we’ve all really listened to the lyrics? I think this song means more now than ever and I’m not sure if it would help the rest of your listeners, but it sure helped put me on a better path this morning. Just thought I’d put that out there in case you want to share.”

I have found the lyrics written in the late 1960s and early 1970s  by artists like John Lennon, Pink Floyd and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young to be incredibly resonant lately. Wanting to double check that “Imagine” was indeed written during this period, I ended up on the Wikipedia page for the song. I learned that the song was inspired by a Christian prayer book given to John and Yoko by Dick Gregory. In John’s words: Continue reading

The Power of Micro-Stories

Small Changes Add Up

magnolia blossom

Magnolia – image by DK.

I was brooding the other day about my addictive nature and how much time I waste daily in self-sabotaging habits to avoid completing things and thus have to face the possibility of failure.

Or is it the responsibility that accompanies success that I’m so afraid of facing?

The macro story here on a personal level is that I must always try very hard, frequently exhausting myself in the process. But I must always fall just shy of real success in the end.

Because, were I to succeed, the people I love would turn on me. I would be punished and/or exiled and would end up isolated, unloved, shamed and alone. So goes the narrative in my unconscious.

Living in a Van…Down by the River!

For those of you old enough to remember the old Saturday Night Live sketches with Chris Farley, the unconscious narrative that stars up in my subconscious whenever I consider threatening the status quo by doing what I really want bears an eerie resemblance to Matt Foley’s story.

Why on earth would my success, joy and happiness possibly cause anyone else to feel bad? I mean, that’s insane, right? Well, if you grew up in a dysfunctional family system (and most of us did), you began learning and internalizing a certifiably insane story about life – and your place in it – right from the beginning. In ‘my’ big story, here are a couple of reasons why I must never succeed:

  • It would “show up” my mom and my brother, both of whom played the role of the crazy-making ‘blocked artist’ for much of my life. My success would force them to examine their own shameful self-betrayals. This would make them uncomfortable and I would be punished.
  • If I had more resources I might just opt for freedom on all levels, including in my primary relationship. This would embitter my partner, who would then turn my children against me. I would be punished and/or exiled and would end up isolated, unloved, shamed and alone.

Better to honor my childhood contract with my family system to be the nice but weak-willed peacekeeper whose energy is always available to support the others, than risk the possible horrors accompanying success.

Changing the Micro-Story

It’s hard to change your narrative if you don’t even know what stories you’re telling yourself. In this case, I didn’t immediately realize I was telling myself a story about how I was too much of a loser to ever make any progress. What I did notice was that I was feeling particularly bad that morning.

Whenever we’re in the grip of a repressed or denied subconscious belief or archetype, we automatically fall into a light trance state. The mind, unable to choose between our conscious intention and the subconscious instructions to the contrary, starts to dissociate from the body and from the present moment.

This is a big reason why bringing awareness into the body in the present moment – something I do in almost every coaching session with clients – is so powerfully healing. The feelings in this trance included (K) generalized fatigue, a tightness in the stomach, and a heaviness across the shoulders and in the upper chest.¹

The inner dialog (A) accompanying the feelings – which I was unaware of until I had acknowledged the feelings – ran along the lines of:

“I waste so much time every day. No wonder you can’t finish anything. I’m never going to make it. I should just give up and accept that I’m cursed to mediocrity…”

Seize the Inspiration When It Hits

I have been asking Archangel Gabriel for help a lot this year when I find myself stuck in a mental rut. I don’t recall if I had specifically done that in the moments preceding this experience, but it’s likely. Suddenly I received a flash of inspiration: the idea came into my mind that ‘Yes, it’s true I don’t seem to be making any progress today. But I’m doing my best and that means I am making progress (albeit invisible on the outside). So I know² I will be making visible progress soon.’

Suspending disbelief, I followed this train of thought. The next idea to come along sounded (A) something like this:

“I feel it building up. I feel the resolve trying to build. Even though it’s not apparent on the outside I’m going to keep nurturing it. And once it gets strong enough, nothing will be able to stand against it! Yeah!

Whether this was the absolute truth or not (which stories are?) this thought filled me with a small surge of power. The heaviness in my chest now felt like a smooth even fire spreading outwards through the rest of my body (K).

I felt more energized and hopeful than I had a moment before. My body felt like it wanted to move. (K)

So I moved. I went down to my office, fired up the computer and started working on one of those unfinished projects. In fact, not only was the rest of that day enjoyable and productive; I’ve accomplished more – and enjoyed doing it more – in the days since then than I probably did in the entire month leading up to this experience.


1- Being aware of the submodalities — visual (V), auditory (A), kinesthetic (K) — that predominate in our various stories  (both subconscious and conscious) can really help you take back your inner authority. While there are a lot of great, proven techniques for harnessing the power of submodalities, it’s really powerful when you can simply allow yourself to become aware of which system the brain leads with when showing you a good story versus feeding you a bad story.

2 – Thanks Corin Grillo for turning me on to the power of specific angels to help us with specific life areas.

Clearing Mental Clutter

Making Room for the Big Idea

I’ve been working on a Big Idea for a while now. If I told you how long, I’d have to kill you. But let’s just say it has been percolating in my creative unconscious since at least 2014.

This past week, as Mercury stationed direct, I felt the gears starting to click into place. (There are a lot of moving parts here!)

My initial reaction was mild euphoria, followed immediately by suspicion: “Whoa! Can this really be it? After all this time? But what about…?” Continue reading