New writing from DK

My publishing output over the last couple years has been rather sporadic. In 2019 I needed some time away to process some major life changes. Then, after Covid hit,  I needed more time to reevaluate just about everything I thought I’d learned about the world.

I’m back to writing almost every day now. I plan to publish a fair amount of that here. I’ll also be publishing some of my more building-the-society-of-the-future writing on

Pretty much everything I write  now gets published in my Substack newsletter . You can check out the archive here:  Exactly Where I’m At by DK Brainard. Or you could just sign up here:

I like Substack for a number of reasons (1) and I needed a fresh start, a blank slate where I can experiment and feel feel free to write about whatever is on my mind on any given day. This includes writing more fiction/creative pieces, commenting on the news and societal trends, sharing what I’m learning about free energy and the real history of the realm, highlighting writers and video essayists I like, and of course writing about music and astrology.

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Reasons I like Substack:

  1. There’s a cool social aspect to it. You can comment on posts and (at least with the writers I’ve followed thus far) people actually engage in civil discussion in the comment threads.*
  2. You get an email whenever a writer you subscribe to posts something new. BUT, each writer has a post archive on their Substack web page. Which means I can read the latest Matt Taibbi post in my email client. But if I don’t have time or I’m not interested, I can delete the email and know the article will be waiting for me on Matt’s Substack page if I decide I want to read it. Guilt free email deletion – what a concept!
  3. It’s a good way to discover and support independent journalists and people who write about what they love or what fascinates them because they’re so obsessed they can’t not write about it.
  4. For writers, it’s a great way to publish a free newsletter with archived content.
  5. It’s super easy to sign up for. Just type your email in the box and click the Subscribe button. It’s also super easy to unsubscribe.

* I’m disabling post comments on, so subscribe to my ‘Stack if you want to comment.