Scorpio Full Moon – Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Reframing Your Life As The Story of You Finding Your Joy

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Today’s Full Moon falls in the 21st degree of Scorpio, the sign in which the Moon is said to be in her fall. This is a traditional formulation that probably has more to do with the Moon being exalted in the opposite sign, Taurus, than it does with Scorpio itself.

However, the traditional cautions bear keeping in mind. The challenge with a Scorpio Moon boils down to Scorpio’s penchant for fixating emotionally on the object of its desire or fascination. As we’ll see in a moment, though, this can be a gift at today’s lunation.

Full Moons – DIY Astrology

Planets in exaltation and fall can be tricky to interpret. As John Frawley points out, there is often an exaggerated goodness or badness associated with these planets. I find that my clients with Moon in Taurus tend to struggle as much with that supposedly wonderful placement as my Scorpio Moon clients do with theirs.

The natal Moon represents our unconscious patterns around security, nurturing, and emotions. The sign, house and aspects to our natal Moon show the instinctive response patterns we developed to deal with changes in our environment or perceived threats to our safety. These patterns were formed in the womb and in the first two or three years of childhood and are largely a response to the love and safety (or lack of it) we felt with Mother and in our early childhood environment.

The transiting Moon (where the Moon is now) tends to activate the same unconscious territory shown by the natal Moon, albeit for only a couple days per sign as opposed to an entire lifetime. When the transiting Moon is Full it exerts a gravitational pull on what’s in our unconscious. It brings hidden thoughts, feelings, and beliefs out into the open where we can become aware of them and work with them consciously.

Scorpio is the private investigator or depth psychologist of the zodiac. To solve the mystery of what today’s lunation is trying to make you more aware of, you want to look at the meanings of the houses that contain the 21st degree of Scorpio and 21st degree of Taurus in your chart. You also want to look at any natal planets aspected by the Sun or Moon. And peep out the houses where transiting Chiron (27 Pisces 45) and Pluto (19 Capricorn 17) are hanging out.

The symbols for these houses and planets will help you make sense of whatever is trying to bubble up from the unconscious.

Joy, the Secret Elixir

As noted in yesterday’s post, I’ve been – periodically – obsessed with astrologer John Sandbach’s Omega and Chandra symbols for each degree of the zodiac. I recently discovered the Chandra symbols through Lorna Bevan of Hare in the Moon Astrology and I have been finding them more resonant and insightful – or at least less cryptic – than the Sabian symbols.

Perhaps this is because the symbols seem less dated (the Sabian symbols were created in 1925). Or perhaps it has something to do with the vehicle and timing of the transmission. I don’t know much about the life of Elsie Wheeler, the psychic who channeled the Sabian symbols under the direction of astrologer Marc Edmund Jones. But I do know she channeled the entire 360 degrees in a single day. (I’m not knocking the Sabian symbols! Just saying, I’m digging having some options, man!)

Anyway, a Scorpio Full Moon is going to give us the opportunity to become aware of our deepest fears and desires. This particular Full Moon makes a lovely aspect to Pluto in Capricorn (destruction of the old world to make room for the new) and also makes a supportive trine to Chiron in Pisces (the healing of deep societal wounds around faith and belief). And the Omega and Chandra symbols make so much sense for this moment, especially with Mercury and Uranus – the two octaves of mind – still conjunct in Aries, the sign of seeking our true identity.

Here are excerpts from John Sandbach’s blog:

The Sun – 21 Taurus

Omega symbol: Bending over and lowering her palms, a woman projects colors into the Earth. 

Degree Angel: Hahasiah (he-HA-see-Yah) No Guilt, Universal Medicine

“Although you may not be conscious of it, your energy is healing and soothing. You take a gentle approach to all that you do, and this imbues your actions with a positive and uplifting note. You don’t see any task as too difficult or too large, but are always willing to take on anything, and proceed as best you can.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A statue of Hermes decked with brightly colored garlands.” There’s more than just a positive attitude here – a natural, automatic and often subconscious attunement to healing forces pervades this degree, and joy is the secret elixir, the panacea, joy that is communicated to others, not just through words, but through any and all mediums at hand. This all comes forth of its own accord when this degree allows itself to be spontaneous and puts aside all worry or concern over whether or not it is right, or has enough authority to express its ideas.

These symbols tell me that the fears we face or the desires we assimilate into consciousness at this Full Moon are related to humanity’s new collective soul mission of embracing freedom and emphasizing joy and creativity over production and duty. Remember that Chiron is still square Saturn which is still aligned with the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun. It’s hard to believe in life or have faith in the future when we secretly believe that it’s wrong or impermissible to allow ourselves to do what we enjoy in the present.

Also note the festive Hermes imagery. Mercury has been conjunct Uranus since April 26, first retrograde and now in direct motion. This aspect is all about stripping away false layers of the self and attuning to the Authentic Self – who you really are beyond all family/ancestral patterns, projections, Matrix/societal programming, and ‘shoulds’. Today’s Full Moon can show you the root causes or core beliefs that underly any remaining attachments to the false self.

THE Moon – 21 Scorpio

Omega Symbol: Scorpio 21: The wind whirling thousands of loose manuscript pages.

Degree Angel: HARIEL (HA-ree-EL) Long-Range Vision, Purification

Chaos can rewrite reality, and sometimes that is a good thing. This degree knows when to let chaos have its due. We think that things need to be prioritized in a certain way – that’s our story. But when the plot of our story get ripped apart and re-ordered, a new story can emerge, which reveals new and unsuspected aspects of the self.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A pair of glasses with no lenses in them.” This degree is about seeing directly, although, as the lens-less glasses show, it’s not that simple. Because the lenses are missing the focus here is on the frames and not on what we’re seeing, and the fact of the matter is that it is how we frame things that determines what we see. And the more we look beyond the transparent lenses which are distorting what we’re seeing – often without us even knowing it – the close we will come to seeing the truth.

There’s more for both of these symbols on Sandbach’s blog: See 21 Taurus and 21 Scorpio.

The Story of Us

Just a couple observations from me and then I’ll let you go reflect:

The title for the group of five symbols that includes 21 Scorpio is Global Transformation. The title for the group of five symbols that includes 21 Taurus is Banishing the Remnants of Evil. I was talking to a client a couple days ago about Donald Trump and how he and his cohort are bringing out into the open our society’s collective prejudices, hatreds, greed and fear – and how marvelous this is for those of us who incarnated here to completely transform global society.

If you really were able to reframe your life as a multi-dimensional soul journey – in which you chose to incarnate on Earth at this time and in this body and with all of the challenges you’ve had to overcome thus far in order to finally (now!) accept your specialness and activate your unique superpowers….would that be enough to light your fire?

Do you think you might just start leaping out of bed in the morning, thrilled to the core at this opportunity to band together with likeminded souls and test yourself in one of the greatest challenges this world has ever seen?

Can you imagine the adventure we would be on together if we really saw the world for what it is – and if we simply, through an act of Grace and Faith, decided to truly believe that we are the ones the world has been waiting for?


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