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This promotion has ended, but first-time clients can still
save $25 off the normal price of a full Personal Evolution Reading in December.

Things are happening fast.Saturn (authority, fear, structure, success) and Mercury (ideas, insight, mental perspectives) align with the Galactic Center today. Mercury retrogrades on Dec. 2 conjunct the G.C., and the Sun activates this ‘Great Central Sun’ of our galaxy on Dec. 18. (see today’s chart below)

On December 19, Saturn enters his home sign of Capricorn for a three-year stay. Historically, this has been a “best of times, worst of times” kind of transit. The world is going to continue to act crazy in 2018 as the evolutionary pressure increases. The parasitic forces of fear will continue to ratchet up the general anxiety – as long as we continue to buy into their mind control scheme and play their anti-life game.

And… for those of us who choose to fully invest our faith, energy and vision into the truth – that we are sparks of the divine creation whose birthright is to be free and to live in joy – this period will bring opportunities to experience a whole new level of reality.

Let me help you take your inner game to the next level. Because aligning with your soul’s purpose and living a radiant, joyful life is the fastest way to make the world a better place for all of us.

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Chart: Saturn and Mercury conjunct the Galactic Center

Transits Nov. 26, 2017 – Atlanta GA

Saturn Mercury conjunct Galactic Center

“Skyscraper” live @ Freddy’s – Nov. 21, 2017

[Video] Stand & Deliver live in Detroit

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve got so much to be thankful for this year. Not least being able to rock out on stage with Lupo (guitar) and Frank (bass) for the first time since 2003. We’ve played a lot, written a lot of new songs, and rehearsed in the meantime. But with kids, work, and life….plus trying to find a drummer who won’t spontaneously combust*…it’s been a much longer journey than expected.

*(We had to get two – the brothers Farkas – just in case.)

Detox the Negative Voices in Your Head

Fake News Alert!

say NO to inner critic

Just say “NO!” to the stories that shame you and crush your joy.

You know that voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t (fill in the blank): good enough, smart enough, cute enough… or just plain enough!?

The voice that tells you that your dreams will never come true, you’ll never meet your soul mate, you’ll never overcome that health challenge, never be able to find your ideal job, or make money doing what you love?

The voice of STOP!  NO!  DON’T!  YOU SUCK! IT’S NOT SAFE! and WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! Continue reading

New Webinar: The Book of Spells

What’s Your Story?

the book of spells webinar - write your story

“I love you.” “You suck.” “You’ll never…”

Like magic spells, the stories we learned long ago can block us from following our bliss. In this six-week webinar starting Sunday, November 12, we will use the power of story to revoke the ‘black magic’ spells that were placed on you by the stories you’ve been told about yourself and about the world.

Bang for Your Buck  | Blow-by-Blow | Dates & Details | Who Are We?

Becoming aware of the false narratives that control you from their hiding place in the subconscious is a major first step in being able to reclaim your power, live your dream, and follow your bliss. In this first chapter of the The Book of Spells, we’re going to lay the groundwork for an alchemical transformation:

  • You’re going to build your BELIEF in yourself and in your ability to live the life you’ve always wanted;
  • Instead of reacting to the next disaster or human tragedy with despair, you’re going to feel a foundation of renewed HOPE rise within you – because you KNOW you’re part of the solution;
  • You’ll develop your own PERSONAL TOOL KIT – including body, breath and movement-based techniques – to pull yourself out of old, limiting stories and step back into your inner authority.
  • You’ll be invited into a COMMUNITY of support based on non-judgment and non-violent communication; a place where you can be fully seen as your authentic self, perfect exactly the way you are.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to honor the Winter Solstice (traditional power day for letting go of the past) by participating in a ritual to let go of the false individual, karmic, and ancestral stories we’ve been stuck in until now.

What’s Included?

As part of the beta group for this webinar series, you’ll get:

  • Six live video classes + additional resources.
  • Perpetual access to class recordings and additional resources.
  • Membership in our secret Facebook group where you can build your belief, get inspired by other people’s successes, learn new tricks of the trade, and be seen and validated as your authentic self.
  • Body-based techniques and visualization exercises for snapping yourself quickly out of negative story trances and back into your own authorship/authority.

Webinar Dates

The Book of Spells – Fall 2017 webinar series runs from:

November 12 – December 21, 2017.

Live classes are currently scheduled for Thursday evenings at 8 pm Eastern time and Sundays at 1 pm Eastern time to accommodate a wide range of time zones. Class days/times may change based on a survey of participants.

All classes will be recorded as both video and audio recordings for those who can’t make the live classes.

Register Now

Join the beta group for this new webinar series and take your power back from the false narratives that have controlled us for far too long.

The Book of Spells Beta Group 6-Week Webinar Series – $150

Class topics

These are some of the themes we’ll explore – in addition to answering your questions:

Week 1 – The Big Picture: trolls & parasites; the power of narrative; words as magic spells for good or evil; the collective story and the personal stories; why now is the time we can free ourselves from the dark matrix.
Week 2 – Down in the Basement: ancestors and family systems; shame – the ultimate control mechanism; working with the stories you inherited.
Week 3 – Micro-Stories: psychic protection/grounding & centering; taking your power back by recognizing the small day-to-day stories that drain your power; not all the voices in your head are yours; strategies and tools to rewrite the micro-stories.
Week 4 – A Simple Plan: identifying and sketching three false stories you’re ready to leave behind; connecting the dots from micro-story to family system to ancestral lineage to the big collective narrative.
Week 5 – Dis/Empowerment: why is owning our power so scary? understanding the taboo against having power and the attraction of playing small.
Week 6 – Book Burning: In week six, we’ll honor the winter solstice with a ritual to let go of the false stories we’ve learned about. We’ll honor the ancestors and family members who have suffered under the old stories and reaffirm our intention to imagine and create a new world.

About Us

DK Brainard Safiya
DK Brainard is an astrologer, writer, and musician who uses music, rhythm, humor, hypnosis, and storytelling to help people reclaim their inner authority and rewrite their life story.

“I think my biggest gift is my ability to take people into sacred space and give them the experience of being seen and completely validated for exactly who they are,” DK says. “Also, I’m kind – and a lot of people think I’m kinda funny.”

It was Safiya’s life-long fascination with language that led her from studies in music, French (BA) and Linguistics (MA) to her current exploration of the language of the body through movement and dance.

She has performed and taught women’s dances of the Middle East for many years. She is also a Pilates instructor with extensive additional training including Yoshida Dynamic Technique, MELT, Reiki (2nd Degree), Yoga, Flamenco, and Balkan folk dance.