Poetry Busking with afrose fatima ahmed

The Naked Songwriter Episode 2: Wrapping the Sacred in the Profane

afrose fatima ahmed poetry busking

afrose poetry busking. Photo (c) James Curtis 2015

DK interviews poet afrose fatima ahmed on taking the plunge and doing what you love, writing intimate poetry for strangers on the street, love, loss, and giving yourself permission to just be you.

“I find that every time I take the risk and I put out the thing that feels too edgy, people respond really well to it. They’re really grateful that I chose not to just wrap it up in puppies and rainbows. They want that rawness. They’re hungry for it. Because we’re all experiencing it every single day but we often don’t find spaces in which we can acknowledge it openly…”

Get your own heart-crafted poem (while metaphor supplies last!) or pick up Afrose’s wonderful chapbook he won’t dance with me at afrosefatimaahmed.com.

November 2015 Astrology Forecast

Hoodoos and Stars by John Fowler on Flickr

Hoodoos and Stars by John Fowler on Flickr

November 2015 audio horoscopes – in depth inspiration and guidance

The November audio horoscopes average about 20 minutes per sign: I really go in-depth into the relationship between Jupiter, Venus and Mars in Virgo and the abundant potentials of the 11/11 Scorpio New Moon. Plus, the 11/25 Gemini Full Moon as a snapshot of your Saturn in Sagittarius lesson for the next two years.

You can download your audio horoscope as an MP3 file and/or stream it as often as you like all month long. Even put it in your Dropbox! Continue reading