Mercury Retrograde Libra Sept. 2015 Podcast

I get as frustrated as anyone during Mercury retrogrades. But I have also learned to love these periods, because Mercury Rx tends to be when I make the biggest changes in my thinking, changes that lead me to more freedom, more money, more joy, and more of what I want out of life. Think of this podcast as a guided tour to the secret places Mercury’s publicist doesn’t want you to know about. And yes, the guided tours I’ve enjoyed most were the ones where the tour guide was obviously just a bit cracked… Continue reading

Ten Year Bender (Album): Down and Out in Paris, France

In 1997 I was living at the epicenter of world fashion in Paris, next door to Hermes.

In 1997 I was living in one of the richest parts of Paris, next door to the Hermes showroom on the rue du faubourg saint honoré. Sounds posh, right? But I was working illegally for this rageaholic Japanese woman who ran an audio-visual import company and, since I was living in the company’s $3500/month corporate apartment, she could pay me whatever she wanted. Which basically I meant I worked all the time and then had to walk a couple miles to a neighboring arrondissement to buy my wine and groceries. Oh, and I was also a pretty bad drunk.  Continue reading

Aries Lunar Eclipse Astrology – Chaos as Creative Fuel

The Astrology of Chaos

Moon in Aries Gives a Preview of the September 27, 2015 Aries Lunar Eclipse

Did you feel that? The Moon entered Aries Monday morning, Aug. 31, around 4:30 am EDT and made an exact conjunction at noon on Monday to the degree of the September 27 Aries lunar eclipse. The Sabian symbol for the eclipse degree of 5 Aries talks about the capacity we all have to take our lives to a new level when we open to the power of spiritual inspiration.  Continue reading