Modeling the Aquarian Age

Takeaways from Five Days on the Farm

“The world wants what you have to give.”

That’s my major takeaway from five days of doing readings and meeting the community that has gathered around Chenoa Manor, a non-profit sanctuary for rescue animals nestled in the rolling hills of southeastern Pennsylvania, not far from Philadelphia.

The front gate at Chenoa Manor.

The front gate at Chenoa Manor.

I was invited to Chenoa by its founder, Roberto Teti, to meet the Chenoa extended family, do astrology readings, and give a talk on my vision of 2015 as the opening of the Aquarian Age.

“Dr. Rob” is a sort of modern-day Dr. Dolittle. He maintains a veterinary practice, but his work with animals goes far beyond the realm of what we think of when we hear the word “veterinarian”.  Continue reading

Uranus in Aries 2015: Kundalini Rising

Pluto and Uranus AsTrology: Ascension or Anxiety?

A tiny tarn atop Stone Mountain. Photo by DK, July 5, 2015.

Water in the rock. Photo by DK, July 5, 2015.


Uranus in Aries: High Anxiety and Weird Physical Symptoms

In the build-up to last week’s Capricorn Full Moon, I experienced this feeling of (what I thought of at the time as) anxiety in my chest. A couple of times, I actually said out loud in my mind, “I wonder if I’m having a heart attack?” I’ve gone through periods of high anxiety in the past, but the weird thing about the feelings last week was that I couldn’t really pin them to anything.

Usually when I had anxiety or panic attacks in the past, it was easy to see the mental or emotional stress that was producing the physical unease. Which begs the question of cause and effect, but let’s leave that aside for now.

The anxiety last week was a mystery. Then, on the Full Moon call we do in our tribe, one of the Ravens mentioned that she was driving back from the cardiologist because she had been convinced she was having a heart attack. “OK, so it’s not just me,” I thought.  Continue reading

Sister, Do You Know My Name?

Artist: The White Stripes

Album: De Stijl

Jack White writes and sings about what it feels like to be a boy better than just about anyone else I can think of. In fact, I’m drawing a complete blank trying to come up with the name of anyone who mines the same territory, let alone does it so well. (If you’ve got someone in mind, post in the comments!)

The thing about songs like this one and (probably my all-time favorite White Stripes song) We Are Going to Be Friends is that he’s not writing nostalgically. He’s not looking back and trying to recapture the beauty and innocence of childhood. He – or whoever the narrator is in these songs – is a child. Continue reading