Nessus: The Ultimate Anti-Hero

Lust for Life

Nessus has been transiting my Pisces Sun over the last couple months (and will be back again in the fall of 2015). Nessus is one of the Centaurs, a group of recently discovered planetoids with very irregular orbits that extend from as far in as Jupiter to as far out as Pluto. Nessus’ orbit connects the orbits of Saturn (authority, fear, responsibility) and Pluto (repressed energies, obsessive fears and desires, regeneration).

Astrologically, all of the Centaurs activate and illuminate the psychological Shadow, bringing repressed feelings and drives to the forefront of consciousness so they can be assimilated and integrated. Centaur transits can be quite painful precisely because they force us to pay attention to the energies within the soul that we don’t want to have to see or feel. Continue reading

Sun + Saturn = Owning Who I Am??

Retro-Analysis of Sun-Saturn Opposition

So, the Gemini Sun made an exact opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius on Friday night (May 22, 2015). Both planets were between 1 1/2 and 2 degrees of their respective signs. My natal Sun is at two degrees Pisces – meaning both transiting Sun and transiting Saturn were square my natal Sun.

Sun-Saturn aspects are not typically “fun times”. Continue reading