Mercury Retrograde Libra Sept. 2015 Podcast

I get as frustrated as anyone during Mercury retrogrades. But I have also learned to love these periods, because Mercury Rx tends to be when I make the biggest changes in my thinking, changes that lead me to more freedom, more money, more joy, and more of what I want out of life. Think of this podcast as a guided tour to the secret places Mercury’s publicist doesn’t want you to know about. And yes, the guided tours I’ve enjoyed most were the ones where the tour guide was obviously just a bit cracked… Continue reading

On my walk today…

What I’m Thinking about When I’m Walking

I do a lot of meditating in motion nowadays. I thought it might be interesting to record my stream of consciousness on my daily walk. The results reminded me of a period when I was crashing at April and Chad’s pad in Berkeley and had just read one of Castaneda’s Don Juan books. I forget which one – I’ve read several of them more than once. But I seized on Don Juan’s statement that if a person would just write down their entire stream of consciousness for (a week? 10 days?) they would overcome the egoic mind and enter a permanent state of nonordinary consciousness.  Continue reading